Borderlands 3's Classes Ranked Worst To Best

With Borderlands 3 finally out after months of hype building, players are wondering which class is their best. The short answer is that they are all fantastic, but it ultimately comes down to how much effort you want to put into your gameplay, the playstyle you prefer, and if you are taking on the world solo or in a group.

4. Zane the Operative

For a brand-new player, either solo or in a group, Zane is probably the worst pick to explore the world. He can be a DPS beast in the right hands and playing with a distracting yet powerful clone is a ton of fun, but he requires more effort and attention to play at an optimal level, and is not as synergistic when playing with other players.

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Ultimately, there is nothing wrong with Zane or his skill trees, which include Doubled Agent, Hitman, and Under Cover. They are all viable choice, but perhaps this class is best once you have a firm grasp of the game’s mechanics. Otherwise players might find Zane a frustrating choice for their first time on Pandora.

3. Amara The Siren

When it comes to solo play, Amara performs adequately, but she shines bright when supporting a larger team of players. Her three skill trees are Brawl, Mystical Assault, and Fist of the Elements, and none are particularly effective at clearing enemies when alone.

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In a group however, Fist of the Elements provides snares and roots, bonuses for killing enemies that are grasped, as well as speed increases that make her invaluable. A good Amara player will easily clear the game’s story on her own, but a great Amara will support her team by grouping enemies together and allowing for others to wipe them out in a flash of explosives and area of effect damages.

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2. FL4K The Beastmaster

FL4K basically ties with Moze the Gunner. In single player mode, FL4K is a breeze to use thanks to his skill trees of Stalker, Hunter, and Master. The final skill tree buffs their pet so much that it feels a bit like playing a Hunter in World of Warcraft: Classic. The pet becomes so powerful that FL4K can sit back and casually add some damage to clear a room quickly and efficiently.

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In grouped play, FL4K can place points into devastating and powerful Sniper shots, allowing him to eliminate high-priority targets with ease. Within the Stalker skill tree, he can provide health and health regeneration to teammates, making him a great companion in any party.

1. Moze The Gunner

Moze is a fantastic choice for single and team play. Of her three skill trees, Shield of Retribution, Bottomless Mogs, and Demolition Woman, the latter is most popular right now because of thee devastating explosive area of effect damage and the utility of Iron Bear.

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The utility of quickly and efficiently wiping out groups of opponents helps speed things along and paired with a supportive Amara this makes fighting regular opponents almost trivial.

At the end of the day, it depends entirely on the player and their experience with the Borderlands series to determine which class is best. None are a bad choice for solo or team play, they simply differ in their toolkits and what they ask of players.

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