Borderlands 3: 5 Characters Making A Comeback (And 5 That Likely Won't Be Appearing)

Borderlands 3 has confirmed the return of classic characters like Brick and Maya, but there's some that will be missing. Also, where is Handsome Jack?

It's been such a long time since we've last seen Borderlands that we almost forgot how it feels to be "sitting" on a huge pile of guns. Gearbox has finally revealed Borderlands 3 last week, filling us with excitement about its setting, gunfights and, of course, its characters.

During Borderlands 3's trailer, we've seen new faces, including the classes of our 4 playable characters and some old ones couldn't be missing as well. Luckily, you'll be able to see many old Vault Hunters in Borderlands 3 along with some of your favorite NPCs from when Borderlands was just "a Pandora thing". Today's we'll take a look at 5 memorable characters that will be present in Borderlands 3 along with 5 that won't (or at least we believe they won't) be there.

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10 PRESENT: Lilith, Mordecai & Brick

To start the list on a hopeful note, we find the original Borderlands Vault Hunters making a comeback. Lilith, Mordecai and Brick can all be seen in the trailer for the new game and it looks as if they haven't aged a day. Mordecai has changed his attire to something more appropriate than his Borderlands 1 nomad style.

Brick is exactly as we remember him, if you don't take his new bandana into account. As for Lilith, she's her old fan favorite self, although she seems she has gotten into trouble. We can't wait to see what the story about this is.

9 PRESENT: Maya & Zero

We're glad to see Maya and Zero from Borderlands 2 making an appearance in the new game as well. Zero, who can be seen in one of the photos below, has changed his original uniform color whereas Maya has longer hair and an assassin's appearance. Both characters were popular back in the day, counting millions of fans thanks to their unique abilities. Maya, the Siren and her ability to trap enemies in another dimensions is still one of our favorite in the whole franchise.

Zero, on the other hand, was one of the most mysterious playable characters in Borderlands,  something that stands for the upcoming title as well since we see him together with another returning Borderlands character but not from Borderlands 2.

8 PRESENT: Tiny Tina

If there was a petition about what character from previous Borderlands games should make it to the third installment, we bet Tiny Tina would be number one. Indeed, she is making a comeback in Borderlands 3. However, she's not that tiny anymore.

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Tina was so popular that she even got her own DLC in Borderlands 2. Seeing her all grown up and full of character is a breath of fresh air for the upcoming title. Her age has something to say about the time setting of the game as well. What will her role be though?


Even though Tales from the Borderlands isn't a core game for the franchise, it introduced many cool characters to players, some of which will appear in Borderlands 3 as well. For now, Rhys has been confirmed to be making a comeback, along with his best friend Vaughn.

At the end of the episodic adventure title, Rhys and Fiona vanished, possibly teleported to another planet. If Rhys found himself on the planet that Borderlands 3 is set in, does this mean we'll see Fiona too?

6 PRESENT: Claptrap

Borderlands 3 wouldn't be a true core game for the franchise though if it didn't have Claptrap. The annoying robot will be back as an NPC in the game, we do miss him though as a playable character. Claptrap has become the face of the franchise along with the original Psycho, making it a worthy addition to the upcoming title.

His appearance has become so iconic that he even did a cameo in the movie Ready Player One. No wonder why he made it to Borderlands 3 too.

5 MISSING (MAYBE NOT?): Handsome Jack

Borderlands 2 has made it pretty clear that Handsome Jack is gone for good. After playing Tales from the Borderlands though, we find out that the quirky villain from Borderlands 2 managed to survive as a hologram in order to take back Hyperion and rule the world. Depending on player choice in Tales From The Borderlands, it's possible that Jack's A.I can survive.

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There's slim to none chance that Jack will be making a comeback in Borderlands 3 since we already have a set of villains revealed. If there's a chance that he gets back, we don't want to know. We loved to hate him as a character but the franchise is over him at this point.

4 MISSING: Dr. Zed

Dr. Zed, the infamous doctor in Pandora is one of those characters we will never forget. Mostly because he maintains all of the vendors we used in the first games. We all know how important those were.

However, given the fact that he's hiding in Pandora, chopping up corpses after the loss of his medical license we doubt we'll see him in Borderlands 3. The new game will be set on new planets, so seeing Zed moving there too looks like a far-fetched scenario.

3 MISSING: Nurse Nina

Nurse Nina was our medical helping hand during Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and her looks are memorable even to this day. She isn't that much of a key character to the story in order to appear in the next title too.

In fact, Nina is probably the missing sister of Ivan Vladof, one of the gun manufacturers in the franchise. She's tied to the background of the whole plot in a small but meaningful way. She has much work to do, she likely can't make it into Borderlands 3.

2 MISSING: Scooter

Tales from the Borderlands was full of action, comedy and spiteful characters. It didn't lack drama too. Scooter the mechanic, has become our favorite face in the game, completely out of the blue.

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In the fourth episode of the Telltale episodic title, we see Scooter practically save the whole cast in a completely altruistic way. We're sad to say that he won't appear in Borderlands 3. However, word has it that his son, Scooper, might do. We're excited about it.

1 MISSING: Face McShooty

Finishing off the list, we have our favorite Psycho, Face McShooty. The non-hostile psycho from Borderlands 2 kept begging us to shoot him in the face, in a manner that was almost hysterical.

Even though we loved his presence in the game then, we wouldn't want to have him "spamming" us to shoot him once more. Maybe a cool easter egg would be nice but that's about it. We are done with the "Shoot This Guy in the Face" quest.

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