How To Find Borderlands 3's Destiny Easter Egg

There's an entire sidequest in Borderlands 3 that pays homage to its rival looter-shooter game, Destiny.


There’s a Destiny reference in Borderlands 3. Yes, really.

Many people see Destiny and Borderlands as competitors, given they’re both genre-defining looter-shooter games. And while they both have rabid fanbases, there is a lot of overlap between Borderlands fans and Destiny fans. You don’t have to restrict yourself to a single looter-shooter, after all.

While Destiny takes itself a little more seriously, Borderlands is a little more off the wall. Borderlands 3 is full of pop culture references and memes, so the game can get away with tipping its proverbial hat to Destiny in the form of a side quest.

It’s called the "Kill Dinklebot" sidequest, and it unlocks in Chapter 9 of the main campaign just after you get to Promethea and start the "Super-Laser Tag" quest. Look for the mission on the Sanctuary bounty board once you get to Promethea and you should see it.

Destiny fans will recognize the reference right away. Dinkelbot was a tongue-in-cheek name for Ghost from the original Destiny, back when he was still voiced by Peter Dinklage of Game of Thrones fame. He was later replaced by voice actor Nolan North, who remains the voice of Ghost to this day.

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Anywhoodle, murdering Mr. Dinkelbot isn't that much of a challenge. Head to the northeastern corner of Skywell-27 to find Dinklebot, who will summon a bunch of other floating orbs called Overspheres. Murder them all and grab the Loot-o-Gram that's dropped, which is another reference to Destiny's Engram loot system.

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Finally, take the Loot-O-Gram to Crazy Earl to get yourself a crappy white-tier weapon. This is the final Destiny reference, which pokes fun at Master Rahool for his less-than-stellar rewards whenever you turn anything in. Both Dinklebot and Rahool are both well-known Destiny memes, so this entire side quest is just one big love letter to Destiny.

There are a bunch of other references to find in Borderlands, ranging from Mario fireball-tossing pistols to a sniper that pokes fun at one of the biggest streamers on Twitch. We’re sure to find more as folks play.

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