Borderlands 3 E3 Banner Wants You To Know The Epic Games Store Thing Was A "Crazy" Idea

Gearbox is at E3 2019, and they’ve got a banner that seems to acknowledge some of the player outrage over Borderlands 3 releasing as an Epic Games Store exclusive.

Back in April, Gearbox announced the release of Borderlands 3, the latest entry into the hottest looter-shooter franchise on Earth. At the time, PC Borderlands players had their hopes for a smooth release dashed with the revelation that Borderlands 3 would not release on Steam as originally expected, and instead release on the Epic Games Store as the latest game to become an Epic exclusive.

At the time, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford both deflected blame by saying it was a publisher decision, but also defended the move saying it would be good for cross-platform support. Later Gearbox revealed that the exclusive arrangement would be limited to just 6 months, hoping it would appease angry PC gamers.

It didn’t. The announcement was met with anger and frustration from Borderlands fans accusing Epic if anti-competitive behavior at best, and outright sabotage at worst.

However, the furor died down as more details of Borderlands 3 was released in the lead-up to E3, with PC gamers either resolving to simply buy the game on Epic or wait for it to release on Steam next year.

It looks like Gearbox is at least acknowledging there are still some PC players that are sore over the Epic exclusive deal. Our man on the ground at E3 spotted this Gearbox banner that seemed to poke a bit of fun over the Epic exclusive furor.

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The banner reads “we told you there would be mayhem,” with a smaller text bubble pointing at a Psycho. “It was his idea,” reads the fine print.

Borderlands Banner E3

It was actually publisher 2K Games that made the decision to bring Borderlands 3 over to Epic, so unless 2K has a Psycho on staff, it was more likely a man in a tie and suit. But at least we can have a laugh at their expense.

Epic continues to ruffle feathers in the PC gaming world by grabbing more and more exclusive titles. The latest to head to Epic is Shenmue III, which recently received a November release date on PlayStation 4 and the Epic Games Store.

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