Borderlands 3: 10 Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed

Borderlands 3 is full to the brim with stuff for players to do, and looking for these ten Easter eggs is just another fun activity to complete.

Borderlands 3 came out just this past September, and already fans have been exploring everything it has to offer. From the frenetic gameplay to co-op fun, there's a lot to love, not least of which is the world (or rather, worlds) that you explore on your adventure.

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As is typical of the Borderlands series, the latest game comes jam-packed with places to uncover—and secrets to find as you do. Whether they reference other games, TV shows, movies, or even real world events, there's a plethora of Easter eggs to discover. Here are just 10 that you may have missed throughout Borderlands 3.

10 Freeman

Pretty much every modern first person shooter owes its lineage to a certain game released way, way back in the year 2004 - Half Life 2Borderlands 3 pays homage to this history with its legendary rocket launcher, the Freeman, in reference to the protagonist of the Half Life games Gordon Freeman.

The weapon's flavor text - "The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference" - is a reference to the iconic G-Man speech at the beginning of Half Life 2. The weapon itself also behaves similarly to Half Life 2's rocket launcher, as rockets follow wherever the laser sights are pointed.

9 Mother Of Grogans

As one of the biggest television shows in recent memory, Game of Thrones has enshrined itself into the cultural memory and solidified its place as one of the best shows of the 2010s (regardless of our opinions on the final season). The show's popularity isn't lost on Borderlands 3 as it includes a clever Easter egg.

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Players can encounter an enemy with a lengthy and rather specific title: Mother of Grogans, The Uncorroded, Queen of the Sewer Kingdom. This is, of course, in reference to Daenerys Targaryen, whose title was Mother of Dragons, the Unburnt, Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.

8 Feel The Bern

Easter eggs can be references to pretty much anything. We've covered two dealing with video games and television, but they're not limited just to other media. This next Easter egg, in fact, is a call out to a real life political campaign.

The Nova Berner shield has a line of flavor text reading "Feel the Bern." This tagline comes straight from Bernie Sanders's 2016 US presidential bid. The slogan was used to express his supporters' enthusiasm. The Borderlands 3 shield it's attached to deals with a different sort of "Bern," as it releases an incendiary blast when depleted.

7 Rick And Morty

Borderlands has always been a series known for its quirky and often irreverent humor. It makes a perfect pairing with the Adult Swim cartoon show, Rick and Morty, which is what the next Easter egg on our list references.

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Players can come across the portal hopping duo of Wick and Warty as they explore Lectra City on Promethea. If the names didn't give it away already, the characters' appearances certainly will as Wick's distinctive hair is a clear shout out to Rick's similar style. Defeating the pair will reward players with a legendary shotgun.

6 One Punch

Our next Easter egg takes a quick hop across the Pacific as it references the anime One Punch Man. Also found in Lectra City on Prometheus, players can stumble upon an enemy called One Punch who more than lives up to his name as a single melee strike can kill you instantly.

If you manage to defeat One Punch, you're rewarded handsomely. He'll drop legendary shotgun called the One Pump Chump. This gun is particularly useful as it has a 50% to not spend any ammo on any given shot.

5 Rip And Tear

Another first person shooter releasing this fall is the followup to 2016's Doom reboot, Doom EternalBorderlands 3 includes a very apt reference to the demon slaying Doom Guy in the form of the Hellwalker, a powerful shotgun that can drop from any loot source.

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The Hellwalker will always deal incendiary damage to foes. On top of that, the projectiles it fires blast forward in a pentagram shape, referencing the demonic nature of Doom Guy's foes. The gun itself is also designed to look like the iconic Doom shotgun, making it a treat for fans of both games.

4 Road Dog

From the dark and visceral world of Doom, let's take a step back and visit another first person shooter - namely, the bright and vibrant Overwatch. Blizzard's multiplayer only game may seem like an odd thing for the solo/co-op Borderlands 3 to reference, but it finds the perfect character for the Easter egg.

Players can come across an enemy called Road Dog, who looks a lot like Overwatch's Roadhog. Aside from the visual similarities, Road Dog also shares a lot of abilities with his counterpart, including the distinctive hook that can grab his opponents and drag them towards him.

3 Demon In The Dark

While our previous entries in this list were mostly just one off enemies or short quests that included cheeky references to other media, the next Easter egg is quite a bit bigger. The side quest Demon in the Dark can be found on Pandora, and it involves delving deep into the earth to uncover the secrets it holds.

The whole quest is a huge Lord of the Rings reference, specifically paralleling the Mines of Moria sequence from the first movie. This includes entering the mines, the cave troll room, and a culmination in a fight against what is very clearly a Balrog.

2 Downton Varkid

For anyone who believes that video games cannot be high art, we present this next Easter egg, which very clearly references only the most refined and British show ever - Downton Abbey. Early on, players encounter a varkid - an insectoid enemy - named "Crawly," in clear reference to the Crawley family from the show.

However, the Easter egg doesn't end there. The varkid will cocoon itself, and then emerge as another member of the Crawley family, cycling through all the show's characters until they're all defeated. Add to that the fact that they're all wearing little top hats and mustaches, and we have what is surely the most distinguished Easter egg in the game.

1 Tannis And The Fish

Finally, the last Easter egg we'll cover here isn't a reference to a movie or a show or even another game, but rather to the Borderlands series as a whole. From the very first game, there has been a running gag where players can shoot a series of barrels to trigger a sequence of the character Patricia Tannis riding a fish.

Borderlands 3 keeps the joke going. In Ambermire, you'll find the set of barrels which, when shot in the correct sequence, will reveal Tannis riding her fish once more, continuing the grand tradition.

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