10 Facts You Need To Know About Borderlands 3 From E3 2019

The Borderlands series by Gearbox Software is one of the most beloved and played looter shooter series ever made. With its unique tone and familiar graphics, the Borderlands series has grown with multiple spin-offs and prequels over the last couple years, but it looks like Gearbox is ready to take the next big step.

Borderlands 3 looks to be the biggest game yet from the heralded series and Gearbox has taken the opportunities that E3 presented to showcase some of their work. With a host of new characters and locations to choose from here were the top 10 facts you need to know from Borderlands 3 at E3.

10 Release date is September 13th

It will be an EPIC Games exclusive on PC and will come out to other platforms in April 2020 for purchase. While some groaned at the notion of Borderlands 3 coming out exclusively on EPIC, it has become a common announcement at E3 this year and was not a surprise.

With a release date later this summer, Borderlands 3 is one of the few games that was shown at E3 that is actually coming out this year. With a ton of new features and characters, gamers everywhere are sure to swarm to Borderlands 3 no matter where it releases.

9 You Can Steal Vehicles From The Enemy

Looting is the single most important thing about Borderlands. It is, at its core, a looter shooter. A new add on to this central theme is the ability to steal enemies vehicles.

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There is something awesome about options like this in Grand Theft Auto V and similar games. When you see a car you like, take it. Anything you can loot will appeal to Borderlands players, and cars are no different. With new designs and abilities, players will want to test out as many of the new vehicles as quickly as possible and this will help them immensely with that task.

8 Destructible Cover

Destroying things is the most fun you’ll have playing any game in the Borderlands series and Gearbox has just added something that will enhance that aspect greatly. You can now blow up enemy cover and barriers (and pretty much anything else that will get in your way) in Borderlands 3.

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While destructible objects in the game was brought into popularity by games like Battlefield, it is a new addition to the Borderlands universe. What exactly is destructible is not made clear but players will have no problem finding out by using grenades and the various rocket launchers.

7 You Operate Out Of A Spaceship

Players are going to be operating on a spaceship called Sanctuary 3. Whether it will look like Mass Effect or have its own unique Borderland spin on it is yet to be seen, but the simple notion of flying around in a spaceship designed by Gearbox has fans everywhere excited already.

Having a spaceship will also be helpful for flying to new planets and areas that surround the main space of Borderlands 3. Exactly what those planets are and how you get to the planets remains to be seen. The little they revealed at E3 of the ship, however, has fans really pumped to try it out.

6 There Will Be Micro-Transactions

This was another concern of Borderland’s fans. Whether there will be micro-transactions or not was answered with a definitive, “Yes.” Gearbox has joined an endless number of titles that have a marketplace in the game that uses real money as its currency.

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Whether or not this addition will be a good thing is up for debate, but the important thing is that the items will not affect gameplay. Having a purely aesthetic item is a logical step in Borderlands and will give Gearbox an incentive to make better, cooler looking skins on a consistent basis.

5 Each Player Gets A Loot Drop

No longer will players have to fight over a prized drop. The addition of every player getting their own loot drop comes as a relief to players with greedy friends around the world. It’s also worth noting that the option to share loot that was in Borderlands 2 will cross over to the new game.

Co-op and multiplayer are a central part of what makes the Borderlands series a unique and all around great experience. It is refreshing to see Gearbox address concerns about loot for this prized section of the game.

4 They Hope To Make It Cross-platform

While it’s not a reality yet, Gearbox has made comment at E3 this year that strongly hint at a future release of cross-platform play. This would be a big evolution in Borderlands and fans are excited to hear more about it.

Cross-platform play is gaining popularity in the gaming world, with successes like Fortnite showing that allowing gamers to play with their friends on other platforms is a big draw in multiplayer modes. There is no clear timetable for cross-platform release but it’s definitely something Borderland’s fans are looking forward to.

3 There Will Be A Mode For Differently Leveled Players To Game With Each Other

A big dilemma when introducing a friend to Borderlands is how you will play with them when they are such a low level and you are so far ahead of them any gameplay would be easy for you and hard for them. Borderlands 3 hopes to address this concern by implementing a new game mode centered around low-level players sticking with their high leveled friends.

Exactly how they plan to do this has not been announced but it is still an exciting new aspect of gameplay and a welcomed addition to the game.

2 There Is Infinite Progression

Borderlands 3 is introducing a new feature called the “Guardian Rank,” that will give players something to do after beating the endgame. They also announced that Borderlands 3 will have an endgame and hope that it will tide any dedicated fans over until Gearbox can implement new DLC.

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While some Borderlands players were hoping for a prestige option, similar to Call of Duty, it is still good to hear that reaching max level is really only the start of something bigger. This adds considerable replay ability to the already addicting game.

1 There are Multiple Versions to Choose From

Like many other games, Gearbox has decided to release multiple different versions of Borderlands 3. While the base game is the same for all of the different editions, it’s also important to know which versions can get you what and how much money you’re comfortable spending on a game.

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Just preordering the game will get you a golden weapons skin pack. There are also the Deluxe Edition, Super Deluxe edition, and the Borderlands 3 Diamond Loot Chest Collector’s Edition that is priced at a whopping $249.99. It includes various figurines, in-game collectibles, art, and a functioning diamond loot case replica.

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