New Borderlands 3 Gun Good Juju Has Exact Same Stats As Destiny 2's Bad Juju

Borderlands 3 now has a gun that is a direct sequel to an exotic pulse rifle found in Destiny 2.

Good Juju

Destiny 2’s Bad Juju is now in Borderlands 3, only now it’s called the Good Juju.

It looks like the Borderlands 3 developers really enjoy Destiny because they’ve just added a second Destiny reference to their game. The first one was an entire side quest that was basically a love letter to Destiny, referencing Peter Dinklage (the first voice of Ghost) as well as Master Rahool.

Now they’ve added yet another Destiny reference with the recent Maliwan Takedown update. It’s called the Good Juju, and any Destiny player will immediately recognize this gun as the Borderlands take on the Bad Juju pulse rifle.

For those not familiar with Destiny, the Bad Juju is an exotic pulse rifle from both Destiny 1 and 2. It fires a four-round burst that does fairly well at mid-range, and as with all exotics, it has a unique perk. In the case of Bad Juju, it reloads part of the magazine per kill, provides super energy, and also increases damage after every kill.

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Now let’s compare this to the recently added Good Juju. First, the overall appearance is pretty similar, although the Good Juju’s alien head is a lot more prominent than the Bad Juju’s bird skull. Second, the Good Juju’s quote is also very similar, reading: "kinda sorta wants to end all existence.”

The quote on the Bad Juju? "If you believe your weapon wants to end all existence, then so it will."

But it’s the Good Juju’s ability that really brings home the reference. Just as with the Bad Juju, kills reload a portion of the Good Juju’s magazine. Joltzdude139, one of the first players to discover the Good Juju, didn't quite touch on the other abilities (damage, super cooldown), but future playtesting may reveal very similar powers.

You can get the Good Juju by killing the Rampager at the Forgotten Basilica on Promethea. The Bad Juju can be obtained by gaining access to The Menagerie and performing an extremely grindy exotic quest. It’s a lot easier to get the Good Juju than the Bad, even if you have to be on Mayhem 4 to do it.

(Source: Joltzdude139 on YouTube)

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