Borderlands 3 Halloween Event Brings New Legendary Weapon And Boss

Halloween is just around the corner, and Borderlands 3 is preparing for the spooky holiday event with a free game update that adds new gear, content, cosmetics, and more for players to take advantage of and enjoy.

Known as Bloody Harvest, the event is part of a game update that seeks to solve a number of issues in Borderlands 3 such as stability, crash issues, bugs, and many more problems that players have been experiencing since the game's launch. According to the official blog post, the update aims to "focus less on weapons and more on fixes across the game," which is why the development team is so focused on improving the game's overall performance.

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In terms of content, the Bloody Harvest event brings with itself a new legendary weapon known as the Fearmonger, which according to the announcement, "packs a supernatural punch." Along with the new weapon, the event also introduces more Anointed loot drops and a set of new challenges which players can complete to unlock cosmetic skins for the four Vault Hunters (including Moze's mech and Fl4K’s pets), a Global Weapon Skin, a Weapon Trinket, and an ECHO Device Skin.

As for the enemies, the event will have Haunted adversaries that have the ability to inflict the new Terror debuff mechanic which will impact players' vision and affect their ability to aim. There will even be a boss known as Captain Haunt. Players will fight this one-of-a-kind enemy once they reach the end of the event.


In order to begin the Bloody Harvest, players need to have progressed far enough into the story to reach Sanctuary III. There, they can talk to a new character called Maurice who will act as a guide for the event, and will offer a repeatable quest which will allow them to reach the new event-exclusive area known as Heck. Upon reaching Heck, players can start exploring it, fighting the new enemies and boss, and unlock the new content and loot.

The event is currently live on all platforms and will last until December 5, so there is still plenty of time to jump into Borderlands 3 and take part in the Halloween-themed celebration.

Source: Borderlands.com

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