Borderlands 3 Gets A Hotfix That Barely Addresses Anything

Borderlands 3

The first Borderlands 3 hotfix barely fixes anything.

Borderlands 3 launched with a number of performance and technical glitches. It would crash, frames would get inexplicably lost causing poor framerate, and various other performance issues marred what was otherwise the game that every Borderlands fan wanted.

Gearbox said earlier this week that they're hard at work on a patch to fix some of the worst glitches in Borderlands 3, but in the meantime, we got our first hotfix to the game. Unfortunately, the fixes appear to be for things that nobody asked for.

But first, a hotfix isn't quite a patch. It's sort of a "micropatch" which is small enough to download in seconds and is applied every time you boot up the game. It's designed to be a temporary fix that will be rolled into a larger patch at a later date but allows the developers to fine-tune the experience and fix egregious issues quickly.

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In the case of September 19th's hotfix, the micropatch addressed a few known bugs including New-U Station activation range in Meridian Metroplex, an invisible Eridian chest in Jakob's Estate, and a vastly overleveled Guardian met on the "Beneath Meridian" mission. While these fixes are certain appreciated, they hardly address the main concerns of players.

Gearbox seems to have been aware that this hotfix didn't do a whole lot preemptively addressed them on their forums. “We are aware that the below list does not include issues that the community is immediately concerned with," the company wrote. "We are hard at work evaluating performance problems and potential solutions for them.”

On top of that, the hotfix altered some of the game's loot tables, including a general reduction of loot quality on Mayhem mode and a reduction in Loot Tinks spawn rate in Jakob's Estate. Fans were not pleased about these changes, although Gearbox says its to maintain the health of the game.

The good news is that the first major patch is coming next week, according to Gearbox. Hopefully, we'll see an overall performance increase.

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