Borderlands 3: How To Get - And Spend – Eridium

With Borderlands 3 now available and players powering through everything the game has to offer, many players are wondering the same thing: Where can I get more Eridium? This is an important question that needs to be considered early on, as the benefits of Eridium are varied in the game, just as it was in Borderlands 2.

What Is Eridium?

Eridium was a new element found in Borderlands 2. Following the opening of The Vault in Borderlands by the Vault Hunters, Eridium was released onto Pandora, along with Slag, which is a by-product of refining Eridium.

Eridium takes its name from the ancient precursor race that used it, the Eridians. The ore is presumed to have been some manner of a universal power source. This is seen in Borderlands with certain Eridium Weapons that use Eridium chunks as a reusable and rechargeable ammunition source, though neither the Eridians nor their weapons are present in Borderlands 2.

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Within Borderlands 2, Eridium could be used for character upgrades in the Black Market, accessing Tarramorphous Peak to fight Terramorphous the Invincible, as well as other specific bosses. Eridium was also used to access combat buffs in Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep, to play slot machines, and to better one’s chances at Dice Chests, since you can use two die instead of one.

What Can You Spend Eridium On?

In Borderlands 3 there is a broad range of uses for the rare element, and therefore players will want to keep an eye on the best spots to farm it. In short, players can purchase cosmetic items or weapons with Eridium. Crazy Earl is one such lover of Eridium who is always ready to hawk his wares for more and more Eridium. He is located behind a door inside of Sanctuary. From Earl, players should purchase as many cosmetic items as they can, because unlike weapons, cosmetics last forever and can be accessed at any time.

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There is also a vending machine that can be used for weapon purchases, but the result is always random. Still, it feels as though the probability to get a great gun after only a few purchases is quite high, which can leave you feeling overpowered for a short while in future quests.

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For most of the early game, this will be where one can spend their Eridium, but there is another option later towards the end of the game. It may seem silly, but what you will eventually have is a gun that shoots other guns and uses Eridium as ammo. This may be the best way to acquire weapons in the late game, and perhaps there is some secret to creating the perfect weapons.

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Where Can You Get It?

The way that the developers likely expect players to acquire Eridium is through harvesting it out in the wild and completing challenges from the map tab. Instead, it is faster to target specific enemies that have a high change of dropping Eridium as loot. Since reloading into a zone respawns the mobs there, this is a quick way to farm Eridium quickly.

The current most efficient method to farm Eridium lies shortly after defeating the boss of the game’s first vault and unlocking the Eridium artifact. Players should hold off on progressing the Beneath the Meridian mission, and instead, save and quit, then restart the game.

Loading back at the last checkpoint will have the boss defeated, while the treasure and loot, which includes Eridium, will also have respawned. Players can run inside and farm the loot and Eridium over and over in this way. If you are looking for a quick way to score some Eridium, this is it. Players should take advantage of the method while it is still available, because while it is not game breaking, it seems exactly like the kind of information that will soon receive some manner of hotfix to remove.

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