Borderlands 3 Is Finally Going To Fix Inventory Space


Borderlands 3 is going to get a fix for its inventory problems, but we don’t know when.

Inventory management has always been a problem for the Borderlands series. One of the first things that any player prioritized in previous games was expanding their inventory, either by getting more backpack or vault space. The fact is, you get way more loot in a Borderlands game than you can effectively carry, requiring some innovative solutions.

In previous games, most Borderlands fans made multiple “mule” characters whose only purpose was to carry whatever their main toons couldn’t hold. It was an inelegant solution that caused a lot of headaches as you couldn’t easily see what each character was carrying. On top of that, when you have multiple mules and forget where a specific item was kept, you can spend hours searching from loading each individual character.

Borderlands 3 has a similar problem as all the rest, and it's one that fans have long complained about. The good news is that Borderlands 3 might finally get a fix for all those inventory woes.

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Last week, Gearbox held a livestream where they discussed where Borderlands 3 was heading. One of the hot topics was inventory, and Combat Designer Grant Kao said that "the team has heard the request" for increased storage space.

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Sadly, Kao didn’t give any specifics or even a timeframe. All he said was that the issue was “being addressed” and that it was not his “area of expertise” to comment further.

We do know that Borderlands 3 is due for a larger patch that will address ongoing stability issues. The last patch from the beginning of the month took care of some balance issues, while vault hunters were rebalanced in an October 10th hotfix. Inventory is still a hot-button issue, especially as the Bloody Harvest event brings yet more loot opportunities for players to jam into already stuffed backpacks.

Let's hope that Gearbox gets out an inventory fix before then.

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