You Can Get Your Hands On Borderlands 3 Loot By Simply Watching Gameplay Reveal

Borderlands 3 is still months away from its launch, but you can start piling up some loot by watching the gameplay reveal livestream today.

That's right, viewers will be able to snatch in-game loot by simply tuning in, but not without installing a special extension. The reveal will be streamed via the Borderlands Twitch channel and will begin at 10 am PDT /1 pm EDT /6 pm BST today.

Joining the audience will put you in front of hundreds of streamers playing the game live, and if you install the Borderlands 3 ECHOcast Twitch extension, you'll be privy to some additional perks.

An active extension will allow you to meticulously observe a streamer's load-out, backpack and skill tree. Linking your Gearbox SHiFT and Twitch accounts will also present the opportunity to win free in-game loot.

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"Assuming you have linked your SHiFT and Twitch accounts, the official Borderlands 3 ECHOcast Twitch extension will let you interact with livestreams of Borderlands 3 in a bunch of fun ways and even get a head start on assembling your in-game arsenal ahead of the game’s September 13 release," an announcement from the official Borderlands website reads.

"Linking your SHiFT and Twitch accounts isn't required to make use of the ECHOcast extension as a viewer, but not doing so means you won’t be able to participate in the Rare Chest Events which are detailed below. Trust us, you’ll want to participate in these events, so get to linking!

"While watching any of the hundreds of content creators who will be streaming Borderlands 3 on Twitch with the ECHOcast extension enabled, the extension will empower you to look through your favorite streamer’s loadout, explore the contents of their backpack, and even poke around their skill tree. To enable the extension when you join a stream, you’ll need to click on the small Vault symbol at the bottom of Twitch’s video player."

Participating streamers who manage to find and open one of the rare chests hidden in their game will have 30 seconds to opt into the event. A section of those who do can select one of the loot items from the chest as a reward or just get a random one.

The items will be accessible via the Borderlands 3 in-game mailbox and will be auto-scaled to your player level when the game launches on September 13.

Precise instructions can be found on the Borderlands website linked above.

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