Borderlands 3 Loot System Gets A Major (Optional) Overhaul

The release date for Borderlands 3 has been officially confirmed as September 13, and the latest installment in the popular shooter-looter franchise is bringing with it some big changes. One of these is a new optional personal loot system.

In a blog on the PlayStation website, Gearbox Software Art Director, Scott Kester, revealed a new trailer and discussed some details about the upcoming title, including a new loot system.

The new loot system appears to be part of some wider changes to how co-op works in the game. You will be able to party up with friends and play together, regardless of each individual's level or mission progress. Not only that, but each player will also be able to “deal a meaningful amount of damage” and receive a “discrete personal loot stream.”

Reading between the lines, it sounds like the loot system will allow players to receive more level-appropriate loot, which means that grouping with friends of other levels will still be fun and rewarding for all. It will also stop loot ninjas if you are playing in a group of unknowns.

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The best part about this new loot system is that we are assured that it is entirely optional, so those who prefer the old fashioned way of fighting it out for supremacy can still use classic Borderlands 2 co-op rules.

The new trailer also introduced us to the Vault Hunters, whose abilities are expanded on in the blog post. Moze is a soldier with a mech named Iron Bear, who provides extra firepower, while Amara is a siren with ethereal fists. The third Vault Hunter is Zane, a semi-retired hitman with a digi-clone and a range of gadgets. Finally, we have fl4k, a robot that is accompanied by one of his loyal pets.

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We also see the villains of the tale, the Calypso Twins, in more detail. They are uniting bandit clans and trying to gain power in order to destroy pretty much everything. Your job, of course, is to use your abilities to stop them.

There are also guns -- lots and lots of guns.

Borderlands 3 will be available September 13 and can now be pre-ordered.

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