10 Minor Characters From Borderlands 3 We Hope To See More Of In The Future

Borderlands 3 has an impressively large cast of characters, populated by both new and returning faces. However, a select few only get a minuscule amount of attention, whether they quickly jump in and out of the story or are the object of a single quest. In this colorful, ever-entertaining world, everybody is worth getting to know, and we'd love to have been able to spend more time with some of these fascinating NPCs.

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The series is massive and ever-expanding, so there is always a chance players will see these minor supporting characters again in a sequel or spin-off. To that effect, here are ten minor characters from Borderlands 3 we want to see more of in the future. Assuming they do show up in Borderlands 4, here's hoping that'll happen sooner than seven years from now!

10 Lorelei

Borderlands 3 Dynasty Diner

Lorelei is the first friendly face players encounter on Promethea. After helping set up a meeting with Rhys, she drops out of the picture for the rest of the game. Players can take a fun optional quest about getting coffee for the Atlas troops, but Lorelei's presence decreases significantly after the opening jaunt on the second planet.

Atlas is bound to play a part in future titles, though, and Lorelei should be there with the corporation for whatever they do in the next installment.

9 Barista Bot

Barista Bot Bordlerlands 3 rise and grind

The Rise and Grind quest tasks the player with getting coffee for the Atlas troops. The particular cafe Lorelei requests is run by a robot dubbed Barista Bot. The laid back synthetic life form is an obvious parody of cafés dotting most major cities around the world.

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It acts too school for school, as if it has better things to do than serve coffee. Why anybody would program a robot with this behavior is beyond our understanding, but it must help business.


Borderlands 3 veronica

VR-ON1CA (or Veronica) is Claptrap's love interest that players help build throughout the course of the adventure. Upon completion, she gets up and leaves, brutally rejecting Claptrap. The hurt robot then spends the next several minutes violently sobbing and throwing himself on the floor.

This cannot possibly be the last players see of Veronica. Either she'll show up in DLC or play a part in the next game. The question remains, though - will Claptrap win her heart or will she forever be the impossible dream?

7 Zahnzi Kall

Zahnzi kall

Zahnzi Kall is the object of Vaughn's affection. During one quest, the Vault Hunter partakes in her game show to help the bandit woo her. The plan ultimately works and the mission ends with her giving him a call.

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Players end on good terms with Vaughn, so he'll undoubtedly show up in the future, but will Zahnzi be at his side? Is Vaughn the type of person to fawn over somebody and then immediately abandon them, or will this relationship grow into something real? Perhaps his heart is true.

6 Grouse And Sparrow

Grouse and sparrow borderlands 3

These two robots live with Typhon Deleon and helped him survive all those years stranded alone on Nekrotafeyo. He was happy on the planet, but he needed motivation to help him survive the dangerous environment.

The pair are complete opposites; Grouse suppresses all emotions and levity while Sparrow is more laid back. One sidequest causes the former to open up a bit and let down his guard, so it would be interesting to see how it affects him in the long run.

5 Vic

Borderlands 3 Vic

Vic is a clone who is walking around with the original Vic's head in a jar. Players save her from a torturous VR simulation early in the game during a sidequest. Somehow, this ends up making a clone Vic.

The pair leave the player from here and are never seen again, but are said to have joined the Crimson Raiders. Maybe she'll become a playable character. After all, playing as someone whose sidekick is a head isn't a bad idea. God of War has already done it.

4 Clay

Clay Borderlands 3

Players team up with Clay on Eden-6 when Wainwright Jakobs is doing his best to remove The Children of the Vault from the swamp planet and regain control of his family's business.

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He's cool as can be and dresses like he came straight out of a Western. Given his talent with firearms, he will certainly come in handy in the future. He's also one of the few characters who doesn't spend most of his screen time cracking obnoxious jokes, which is always welcome in Borderlands.

3 Baby

Borderlands 3 baby dancer quest

Baby Dancer is one of the game's more emotional side quests. Baby requests someone to dance with, but Claptrap answers the call years too late.

In a surprisingly touching move, Claptrap shows the upset Baby that she's still just as capable of dancing as she ever was, and proves it by hitting the music and throwing down some moves with her. By the end, she is content and has a new outlook on life. It's a rare touching moment for a game typically filled with dark humor and snarky characters. If Baby returns, hopefully it'll be for more dance parties.

2 Terry And Glenn

Borderlands 3 Ratch'd Up

Terry and Glenn were humans, but now their brains possess Ratch bodies. Glenn was ill and Terry saved his friend's life by transferring his conscience to the rodent-like creature, and Glenn returned the favor after discovering Terry's corpse.

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The two seem adequately pleased in their new bodies, which is probably a better outlook than most people would have if they were in a similar situation. Then again, many would probably choose life in an animal's body versus death.

1 Buff

Buff borderlands 3 Tommy Wiseau

Buff is the subject of one of the game's funniest missions and most bizarre pop culture references. The aspiring film-maker asks for help getting his project screened on Pandora. He's notably muscular and has a European thick accent. These two features (and the objective of the mission) are an obvious nod to Tommy Wiseau, the enigmatic figure who made The Room, a cult classic hailed as one of the worst movies ever made.

Buff is a self-proclaimed genius. Narcissistic directors aren't the most obvious choice for a character in the game, but it would be worth it to give him a more important role in the future, just to hear the actor's impressive impersonation of Wiseau.

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