Borderlands 3 Could Overheat Your Xbox One - What To Do About It

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Borderlands 3 might be overheating some players’ Xbox One Xs.

Borderlands 3 is, by all accounts, a great game. It’s basically more of Borderlands 2, which is exactly what every Borderlands fan wanted. But it’s also been marred by technical issues, including poor performance, lag, inexplicable framerate loss, and crashes. And now the latest report says that it might be melting your Xbox One X.

Well, not actually melting it. The issue appears to be more software than hardware related. Some players experience the Xbox One X shutting down randomly and then displaying an overheat message once it boots back up.

That message seems to be incorrect, however, as players aren’t noticing their consoles getting hot (or at least, no hotter than usual). The issue doesn’t seem to be affecting PlayStation 4 players or fans playing on the regular Xbox One--just the Xbox One X.

It’s also not a particularly common issue, judging by the number of votes on the Reddit post from user UkaUkaa. Decreasing the game’s resolution or visual settings doesn’t seem to help, either.

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So what gives? According to most replies, the issue seems to be common to any new game on the Xbox One X. Games like Fallout 76, PUBG, and Ace Combat 7 had similar issues when they released on the Xbox One X, only to be solved later on the game’s first patch. Most people are recommending that anyone who experiences this issue to just shrug and keep playing or to wait until Gearbox comes out with a patch.

That patch might be coming sooner rather than later. Developer Gearbox recently posted on their Twitter page that they’re aware of the technical issues surrounding Borderlands 3 and are working on a patch that will address them. They also plan to implement several quality-of-life fixes, which might include increasing ammunition stores in the game’s various worlds.

We don't have a timeline on when that patch is coming, sadly. All we can do now is be patient.

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