Why Borderlands 3 Players Are Angry About Legendary Drop Rates

With most legendary weapons being random world drops, players are demanding a loot system more like Borderlands 2.

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Borderlands has always been a series that prided itself on loot. There were millions of different guns available in Borderlands 2, and Borderlands 3 has increased the number of possible weapon part combinations into the billions. Guns are the calling card of Borderlands.

As fun as finding that amazing weapon in some random trash can be, the true Borderlands fan always has their sights set on something a little more specific. Legendary weapons are the typical lynchpin in any end-game build; they have specific abilities or features that - when carefully catered toward with supporting equipment - increase a player’s DPS into the stratosphere.

It’s been about a week since Borderlands 3 first arrived and already players are hitting the level cap and discussing end-game character builds. But there’s a problem appearing in Borderlands 3 that’s getting those end-game players rankled, and it has everything to do with the game’s loot system.

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As with previous games in the series, Borderlands has a complicated system of various gun parts that are used to “build” any given weapon. Getting the ideal gun is thus extremely difficult since even if you manage to find the specific gun you want, you can’t guarantee it’ll have the parts that will maximize its potential.

But there’s an even larger problem in Borderlands 3 surrounding legendary weapons. So far, it seems that a majority of the game’s legendary weapons are random drops from any suitable loot source. This means if there’s a specific legendary item that you want, there’s no way to go out and find it - you just have to keep playing and hope that it eventually falls off the corpse of some random psycho.

This is a big departure from Borderlands 2 where certain items had an increased chance to drop from certain bosses and named characters. If you really wanted to get that Rolling Thunder or Bonus Package grenade mod in Borderlands 2, two legendary-type grenades, then all you had to do was keep killing Boom Bewm and one would eventually drop. The system didn’t eliminate the grind - the chance of said legendary dropping is still around 10% so it would often require multiple successful fights - but you were basically guaranteed to get the item you want eventually.

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That same system doesn’t exist in Borderlands 3. In the latest game to hit the franchise, your only hope is to find the best place to farm high-drop-chance enemies and just keep killing ad nauseam. However, since the game has so many legendary items the chances of getting anything specific is incredibly small, and the odds of that specific item having the best possible parts attached is smaller still.

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The latest hotfix even reduced the drop rates on Mayhem mode, making that farm take even longer. Threads are appearing on the Borderlands subreddit asking for Gearbox to implement a similar system to Borderlands 2 that allows certain items to drop from certain baddies. While that doesn’t eliminate the grind, it at least allows players to focus their efforts toward a goal of building their vault hunter the way they want it.

Gearbox has said they’re listening to player feedback and a patch is in the works. While most are likely looking for fixes to the games various bugs and performance issues, let’s hope that loot is also on Gearbox’s radar.

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