Borderlands 3: Pros & Cons of Each Class

As with past Borderlands titles, the class you pick at the beginning of Borderlands 3 will define your experience for the rest of your playthrough. This is due to the fact that even though much of the game will involve shooting weapons at enemies, the character you are playing brings with them a selection of unique abilities that augment the basic gunplay.

With class selection being such an important choice, we decided to look at what has been revealed so far and list out a pro and con for the four Borderlands 3 classes to help you decide which character to pick.

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8 Moze Pro: Iron Bear

Moze's action skill is her Iron Bear mech which she can control herself or set to autopilot to allow it to act like the turrets from past Borderlands games. The mech packs an insane amount of firepower with two mounted weapons that can be fired individually or simultaneously.

Additionally, Moze can choose to outfit the Iron Bear with railguns, miniguns, grenade launchers, flamethrowers, mechanical fists, and rocket launchers. She can even mix and match which weapons are equipped and will receive bonuses for using certain types depending on the skill tree the player has invested in.

7 Moze Con: Needs Teammates To Maximize Certain Abilities

One of Moze's abilities will allow Iron Bear to come equipped with a mounted gun that can be used by any teammates that want to help you dish out some lead. The only problem with this is making sure your fellow Vault Hunter actually takes advantage of the opportunity when your mech is active.

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If you are playing with friends, this will likely not be too much of an issue, assuming you are talking to each other, but when you are playing with the often disorganized random teammates found online it could be a different story.

6 Amara Pro: Versatility

In the build-up to Borderlands 3's release, Amara has been one of the most talked about characters, which means a lot of her skills have been revealed, and so far she seems quite promising. Mainly it is the versatility she offers to either be a close-range brawler, crowd controller, or long-range fighter that is exciting.

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This role flexibility is a result of the three Phase Action Skills that Amara can use to specialize her playstyle. Phaseslam is a ground slam that launches enemies into the air, Phasegrasp summons a hand from the ground to grab enemies, and Phasecast shoots out an elemental projection of Amara.

5 Amara Con: Different From Other Sirens

One potential issue players might have with Amara is getting used to how different she plays to the other Sirens from the series. In past games, Lilith's and Maya's abilities did not offer as many options in terms of playstyles and Amara seems to be more focused on playing aggressively right up in her enemy's face.

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While this might be a pro for players who didn't like the Siren abilities from previous titles, some might be sad to see the class lose some of the traditional RPG caster feel.

4 FL4K Pro: Beast Summoning

FL4K has been referred to as the Beastmaster in much of Borderlands 3's marketing, and this is because they have the unique ability to summon animals. In particular, FL4K can call upon Rakk, Jabber, Spiderants, and Skags to help them in battle.

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Additionally, FL4K can control his pets during fights to have them target specific enemies of their choosing. Being able to do this should help to make the animals a much more active and tactical part of combat, while also supporting the Beastmaster fantasy of the class.

3 FL4K Con: Not A Frontline Fighter

Players will have to keep in mind when playing FL4K that they are not meant to be up front fighting alongside their beasts, but should instead be using the animals as a distraction to allow them to fight from a distance. This might not be what people have in mind when they play a class called Beastmaster, but they really should remember that to get the most out of the rest of FL4K's abilities a skirmisher playstyle makes more sense.

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In particular, the Fade Away skill seems designed for this type of play as it enables FL4K to become invisible, heal themselves, and move faster to escape sticky situations.

2 Zane Pro: Gadgets

If you are someone who loves to combine gadget based abilities with your first-person shooter gunplay, then Zane is the character for you. Using his Action Skills, he can deploy a digital clone that he can swap places with, an automated drone that will fire at selected targets, and a protective barrier that will boost damage shot through the shield.

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Additionally, Zane has the unique ability to pick two of these action skills at once at the cost of not being able to use grenades. Being able to incorporate multiple gadgets into his playstyle will allow Zane to be one of the most flexible characters in Borderlands 3.

1 Zane Con: Not A Good Choice If You Like Grenades

As previously stated, for Zane to have the flexibility to take multiple Action Skills into combat, he has to give up his grenade ability. While on paper, this might not sound terrible, for many players coming from past Borderlands games, it might lead to them choosing another character. This is because the grenade mods players can find are as varied as the rest of the gear and can offer some great perks.

While of course, you don't need to take the extra Action Skill while playing Zane, not doing this would prohibit you from being able to run any high level builds centered around using multiple gadgets.

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