Borderlands 3 Skill Tree Has A Major Friendly Fire Hazard

The release of Borderlands 3 has been a wild ride for sure. While there have been highs, including a perfect nod to Dr. DisRespect, there have also been lows, including technical issues that are reportedly crashing the Xbox One. Now it seems there's another problem. Some of those cool new skills we've been given? Well, they come with a cost, and it's pretty damn high. So high, in fact, that it can kill you outright.

Borderlands 3 introduces new Guardian Ranks, allowing you to put points into three different trees that give your character some pretty nifty perks. You can choose abilities from three categories: enforcer, survivor, or hunter, focusing on offense, defense, and scavenging respectively.

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For many, the final perk of the enforcer tree was what enticed them to put their points in it in the first place. It's an ability called "Hollow Point" and will cause an explosion around an enemy when they are killed with a critical hit.  Sounds awesome, right? Who wouldn't want to follow a crit with more damage, taking out crowds of enemies at once? There's just one issue. That damage? It's going to affect you and everyone around you, including your teammates and even your pets.

Borderlands 3
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It turns out that the ability is pretty overpowered and not in a good way. Players are reporting that the explosion not only damages everyone in the immediate area but it also ignores the health gate. This means that no matter what your health status before you triggered the ability, a chain reaction of these explosions is going to end in disaster.

It's especially problematic in co-op, where you can easily end up in a pretty severe accidental friendly fire situation. It is also more of an issue for certain characters. Most kills are made in up-close melee for solo players using Amara, making this skill choice a sure-fire fail. FL4K will also have issues due to the fade away crit build, which will render the entire area a mass of deadly explosions.

Once you've unlocked the "perk" there's no going back. So, unless you like to live life very dangerously, we'd recommend giving this one a miss, at least for now.

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