Borderlands 3's 5 Best Weapon Manufacturers, Ranked

The weapon manufacturers have pulled out all the stops in Borderlands 3 to bless us with the best coolest and most powerful gun the series has ever had. Brand loyalty is commonplace in the Borderlands community, but you won't hear any Apple vs. Android talk: instead players debate the perks, stats, and style of the 9 weapon manufacturers in Borderlands 3. Everyone has a favorite, and all of the new (and returning) weapon types can be useful in the right situation. Here are the 5 best weapon Manufacturers in Borderlands 3.

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5. Hyperion: Become A Human Turret

Hyperion guns give the vault hunter an aim-down-sights shield, similar to Gibraltar's shield in Apex Legends (though not as big). This provides much-needed defense when the swarms of psychos begins to overwhelm. The shields don't have a ton of health, but they can provide just enough extra defense when things start to get too crazy, some shields even reflecting damage back at the attacker.

Hyperion weapons also get more accurate as you fire them, meaning that spray and pray is the name of the game. The shield allows you to fire into a crowd with reckless abandon, so Hyperion guns actually have a nice amount of synergy. Hyperion guns are plentiful and a solid choice in most situations, earning them the number 5 spot on our list.

4. Children Of The Vault: Unlimited Power!

COV is the new enemy faction in Borderlands 3 and their guns are some of the most powerful in almost any situation. COV guns don't need to reload; instead, they have a (pretty generous) cool down if they are fired to the point of overheating. Smart hunters who invest in ammo capacity upgrades (especially pistol and submachine gun) will get the most use out of COV guns. Unleashing a steady torrent of 500+ shots is incredibly satisfying and, not surprisingly, pretty effective.

Here's a tip for Moze players: the final perk on Moze's mini-gun tree (the green one) gives her the ability to passively regenerate ammo at a rate of 5% of the magazine/second. COV guns have no magazine, meaning nearly infinite ammo!

3. Maliwan: Deep Fried Psychos

Maliwan is the manufacturer that imbues weapons with status effects. It isn't very clear in the game, as it's only mentioned in load screen tooltips, but elemental damage not only applies damage over time, but can absolutely melt enemies with shields and armor if you match the correct element.

Yellow health bars indicate the enemy is robotic, and corrosive damage will turn their metal bodies to mush. Regular, squishy enemies have red health bars, and are naturally more susceptible to fire damage. Shielded enemies will typically have a blue health bar over their normal red health bar, and all that's needed is a bit of shock damage to absolutely melt their shield.

It's practically a requirement to have at least one Maliwan weapon in your load, especially when facing bosses. While many guns can roll with elemental damage, Maliwan guns are special in that they offer 2 different elements on each gun, doubling the amount of weakness exploit potential you have. Maliwan guns also have a charged up fire mode, meaning they have the potential to unleash truly devastating damage.

2. Dahl: 2 Guns For The Price Of One

The only thing better than a badass gun is 2 badass guns. Dahl weapons essentially provide an extra weapon slot because each one has an alternate fire mode that turns it into a different weapon type. These can be burst rifles that turn into single shot snipers, full-auto assault rifles that turn into shotguns, and everything in between.

Dahl weapons are insanely versatile, offering the ability to switch between ranges instantly without having to switch guns. They also tend to have really interesting ways of transforming between the two modes, whether that be a rotating barrel or an expandable scope. Dahl weapons are for the connoisseur of fine firearms.

1. Tediore: The Obvious Choice

Forget exploding bullets, Tediore's got exploding GUNS. This manufacturer is a staple of the series, but Tediore is back with so much variety and innovation we couldn't help but put them in the top spot.

For the uninitiated, when you reload a Tediore gun your hunter will throw it and a new gun will magically materialize in your hands. The thrown gun will then explode on the enemy, creating a nearly endless supply of grenades disguised as guns.

But that's just the basics, Tediore guns do all sorts of things when you toss them. Some simply explode while other become a landmine that needs to be detonated. Some bounce around firing wildly before explode. Some explode with elemental damage which can be useful for suppressing mobs. Some explode a BUNCH of times, dealing massive damage. Some, believe it or not, grow freaking legs and run at enemies, firing at them and then exploding.

Tediore guns aren't just the most interesting and fun to use, they're also incredibly powerful. In our playthrough of the game, some of the biggest power spikes we experienced came with the acquisition of a new Tediore gun. One, in particular, would, upon reload, explode in a cloud of radiation before firing of a bevy of heat-seeking missiles in all directions. Tediore guns are no joke, and an obvious choice for #1 best manufacturer in Borderlands 3.

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