Borderlands 3: What’s The Point Of Weapon Trinkets?

A new addition to the Borderlands series is weapon trinkets, which are meant to personalize the player experience.

A new addition to the Borderlands series is weapon trinkets, which are found shortly after beginning a play through of Borderlands 3 and are meant to personalize the player experience. Finding and slotting the trinket into a weapon slot will add a permanent decoration to the weapon and is meant to make the game feel more customizable but is overall a bit of a missed opportunity.

First, trinkets are simply too small to notice after a while. It would have been fantastic to see a sliding scale for how large or small a trinket is, which would have been a fun design choice for those who want to bling out their weapons to ridiculous levels. As it stands right now one may notice the trinket when equipping it for the first time, but soon it will be forgotten.

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Trinkets represent an even greater missed opportunity in terms of potential buffs or effects to a gun. Having trinkets go beyond cosmetics would have made for some great weapon customization. It could have been as simple as adding stats to critical hit chance, or to elemental damage, or any number of modifiers the change how a weapon works.

It is entirely possibly as well that this was planned initially but was cut in the rush to finish the game for its launch date. The page that allows players to examine the range of weapons elements and parts looks exactly like the type of interface that would allow for such modifications, and yet this is strangely absent. Trinkets are also categorized by rarity, and it seems odd that some trinkets be labelled as Legendary when they all serve the same cosmetic function.

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If the goal was always to be strictly an ornamental piece, Gearbox could have leaned heavily into trinkets that provide unique visual elements to the weapons themselves. Colorful bullet trails, or explosions would make for a far greater level of personalization than what amounts to little more than a small key chain that is hard to see due to its tiny size.

However, hope is not lost that trinkets might have these kinds of features in the future. Now that the rush to release the game has passed, players have DLC to look forward too which is on far less of a strict schedule for release. It is entirely possible that we will see a higher level of customization added to the game, and trinkets that modify our favorite weapons would be a welcome addition to the game.

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