Borderlands 3's Latest Glitch Lets Players Farm Legendaries Without Lifting A Finger

Loot Tink Glitch

Borderlands 3 has an incredible glitch where you can farm legendaries by doing next to nothing.

Loot Tinks have been a popular farming option in Borderlands 3 since the game released. Previous farming methods took advantage of Tink glitches that caused them to stick around even after they’d perished so as to continually farm high-level drops. This latest glitch does much the same but has the added benefit of being both relatively simple to achieve and incredibly lazy once you’ve done it.

You’ll need a few things to perform this glitch. First and foremost, you’ll need a high-level FL4K. This is because you’ll need their Skag to perform the glitch. Second, you’ll need a pretty good build that can dish out a lot of damage fairly quickly. This is so you can murder the Tink before it escapes.

Finally, you’ll need the Red Suit shield. This shield gives you radiation immunity, but it also dishes out a bit of radiation damage to all nearby enemies all the time. This last ability is what we’ll be focusing on later. You can get the Red Suit shield as a reward for the Angels and Speed Demons mission.

Now let’s go over the glitch. Step one: head to Jakob’s Estate on Eden-6 and then go all the way to the westerly end of the map. Here, two enemies will spawn, with one of them possibly being a Hoarder Tink. If the Hoarder Tink doesn’t spawn, just reload the game until it does.

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Next, kill the other enemy and take the Tink down to just a sliver of health - around 10%. You gotta do this fast so the Tink doesn’t escape. Once sufficiently weakened, order your Skag to charge the Tink and kill it. If done correctly, the Tink will be “dead,” but will actually appear frozen and will leave its backpack.

Now equip the Red Suit shield and stand next to the frozen/glitched-out Tink. The periodic damage will cause legendaries to start flying out of the Tink at a record pace.

It’s recommended to perform this glitch in offline mode so you don’t apply the hotfix that nerfed Loot Tink drop rates. Also, you can do this on Mayhem 3, but Mayhem 1 makes it a little easier to kill the Tink and doesn’t seem to affect the drop rate all that much.

Now get out there and start farming! This glitch is surely going to be patched out before too long.

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