MBTI® Of Borderlands 3 Characters

There are a lot of colorful characters in Borderlands 3, and many are rich individuals with their own personalities and quirks that help the world come alive. As a result, many fans will find themselves drawn to certain characters who have similar personalities to their own—or utterly annoyed by the differences.

A great way to identify which character you relate with the most is by determining their core MBTI personality type. To give you an idea of who falls where, here are the more popular characters and their MBTI archetypes.

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10 Lilith - ENTJ

For a time Lilith preferred to be a loner, then she became a team player, then reluctant de facto leader of the Crimson Raiders. But, by the events of Borderlands 3, she’s blossomed into the role and has become a dedicated and powerful commander.

Throughout the story, she uses logic and intuition to draft plans and find ways to defeat the Calypso twins. She’s quick on her feet to give orders, rally allies, and lead the charge. As such she has developed into a strong ENTJ personality type.

9 Moze - ISTJ

Moze is a tinkerer at heart and often prefers the company of her Iron Bear to human interaction, though she’s not necessarily opposed to it. Years of hard work and patience have given her great skills in engineering, and she wields them to great effect as a mercenary.

Surviving an attack that left her squad dead, she has become a vault hunter, though her motivations why are unclear it’s obvious she’s working towards some internal goal. Her emotions are locked deep inside, and few, if any, can get close enough to her for them to be revealed. You can trust her, just don’t expect this ISTJ to trust you right away.


Master of the hunt FL4K prefers the company of its pets to human interaction. It is completely self-sufficient with its beasts and seems to have an intense curiosity for gaining further insight and understanding into its pets and the other animals in the universe.

This quiet, reserved character is obsessed with the hunt, whether to prove its skills or gather knowledge on the life in the universe is unclear. Though reserved and often alone, it is not afraid of group work. This INTJ personality type is so withdrawn from society that it raises the question of whether it’s more of a robot, human, or animal at this point.

7 Zane - ENFJ

Zane oozes charisma and has a lot of self-confidence bordering on narcissism. When he isn’t talking about heroic deeds from his past, he’s commenting on how good he or his holographic clone look. This inflated ego is justified given his successful career as a mercenary and assassin, but he’s recognizing the reputation that comes with that success is causing problems.

As a result, he’s focused on helping the Crimson Raiders in order to establish some allies and find peace. This causes this ENFJ personality type to be very people-oriented and in tune with the feelings of his allies.

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6 Amara - ISFP

Amara is a brawler and frequently flexes her muscles and Siren abilities to accomplish her goals. This outward bravado and aggression can be mistaken for extroversion, but, in reality, she’s an introvert often struggling with social situations and establishing connections with others.

She’s often spontaneous and frequently dives into battle to further challenge herself but recognizes when her actions may put others in danger and will refrain from hostility when necessary. For those who can pierce through the projected self-confidence and hostility, they’ll find a dedicated and loyal ISFP.

5 Tyreen - ESFP

Tyreen is a performer, someone who loves being in the spotlight and having attention and praise showered upon her. She’s very much an extrovert and is friendly and sympathetic to those who prove loyal to her and uphold her authority.

This makes her a powerful leader of the Children Of The Vault who uses social media and grandiose displays of violence to enthrall and engage with her fans. Despite this need for the limelight she’s also devoted to her brother’s safety and prioritizes this above the fame. She’s a complicated ESFP which serves to boost her ratings.

4 Troy - ESTP

Troy is a doer in every sense of the word. He is an extrovert and likes the social interaction of being co-leader of the Children Of The Vault and the freedom it grants him. He differs from his sister in that he prefers to be a man of action and worries about the consequences later.

He’s not a fan of planning or debating upcoming engagements as evidenced by his initiating the attack on Pandora with the crash of Elpis. Like your typical ESTP, he does not do well sitting on his hands and will act, even if doing so causes problems for himself.

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3 Claptrap - ESFJ

Having obtained his sentience long ago Claptrap seems to have unbridled energy for social engagement and doing activities as a team. This is evidenced by his constant chattering when around allies and the inability to recognize how annoying he can be (that, or he just doesn’t care).

He is constantly scheming ways to bring everyone together, create new friends (literally), or to be part of the group in order to avoid being left alone. He is very much an ESFJ who craves companionship.

2 Mad Moxxi - ISFJ

This entrepreneurial seductress builds her entire empire around gratifying others' pleasures. From the Underdome to the bars, she seeks to leave her customers feeling satisfied and fulfilled in whatever manner they desire.

This leaves her warm and welcoming to anyone who walks through her doors with cash on hand to pay for services. For her allies, she’s kind and always willing to lend a hand via her deep and interconnected network of people across Pandora. She is very much an ISFJ personality type.

1 Tiny Tina - ENTP

This rambunctious teen has grown into a young woman who’s just as chaotic as she was in her youth, but with more skill and experience. She’s an extrovert who struggles with small talk and intimate social situations, instead preferring to blow things up with her friends.

Underneath the insanity is a highly intelligent person who needs constant mental stimulation, which explains her persistent need to blow things up. As an ENTP, she has a hard time fitting in, but start talking about one of her passions, and she’ll briefly explode into a social butterfly.

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