The 15 Most Powerful Boruto Characters (And The 15 Weakest)

It goes without saying that when one talks about some of the most enduring anime and manga series of all time, then Naruto pretty much takes the cake in that regard. There are very few long-term shonen shows that can truly maintain their stride by the end, and while we're not saying that Naruto managed to accomplish such an impossible feat, it sure did come oh-so-close. The characters, world, and story are just a few of the many elements that have truly helped transcend this series to the very next level in terms of critical success and commercial popularity. In fact, the series was so popular that Kishimoto simply couldn't leave the series alone, leading to the creation of a spin-off series that fast-forwarded to the next generation of Shinobi in the Naruto Universe.

This spin-off title was appropriately named Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, and took a look and Naruto's son and his journey in the ninja world. The series has already become quite popular due to the hefty name attached to it, and the fact that Kishimoto himself is still writing all the major stories certainly helps in this regard as well. This new generation of ninja has led to a lot of speculation about the power levels sported by these individuals — something that we're going to take a closer look by listing out 15 of the strongest characters in the Boruto Universe, coupled with 15 of the weakest.

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30 Weak: Sarada

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We've already seen just how powerful shinobi can get in the original Naruto series. Kishimoto had to nerf a lot of powers so that the story of Boruto could actually make sense. He's introduced a ton of characters in the series that boast a ton of potential... but that's about it.

Take the example of Sarada.

She's one of the few people carrying on the Uchiha legacy, which already places her as one of the most important characters around. However, she's still in relative infancy when it comes to her power levels.

The same can't be said about her father though.

29 Powerful: Sasuke

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Longtime fans of the series already know about the vast lengths of Sasuke Uchiha's power, easily making him one of the most powerful individuals around.

It's amazing to realize just how much Sasuke has grown over time.

From a simple genin to a ninja who has the power of the Hokage — Sasuke has constantly broken down the perceived barriers of power to attain unmitigated strength at constant intervals. His relentless search for more power compelled Naruto to not stay behind the curve as well, leading to a dynamic that is arguably one of the most iconic rivalries in anime history.

28 Weak: Denki Kaminarimon

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A somewhat shy individual who comes from a wealthy background, it's doesn't take an expert to state why Denki is on the negative side of the strength spectrum. His skill in utilizing technology is certainly quite impressive.

Of course, it's not like he's completely devoid of any ninjutsu.

The String Light Formation technique was witnessed once in Naruto Shippuden when Naruto was held hostage, and this jutsu has been passed down to Denki. His Multiple String Light Formation has proven to be quite useful, but he still has a long way to go before we can take him seriously.

27 Powerful: Rock Lee

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Before the introduction of this particular character, one could never have imagined taijutsu to play a major role in the world of ninjas. All of this changed when Rock Lee made his appearance during the Chunin exams and completely wiped the floor with Sasuke. It was a great introduction to a character who would end up becoming one of the most powerful characters in Naruto.

His proficiency with taijutsu, coupled with the mentorship of Might Guy — another amazing user of taijutsu, although you probably already knew that — led to the development of a ninja who is undoubtedly one of the strongest ninjas in Konoha.

26 Weak: Metal Lee

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The techniques and studies of Might Guy were passed down to Rock Lee, who ultimately has done the same for the next generation of ninja. This can be seen in the form of Metal Lee — another ninja who is woefully inept in the art of ninjutsu and genjustu, but more than makes up for it with his natural talent when it comes to taijustu.

Metal Lee might just reach the power levels of Rock Lee and Might Guy, if not surpass them entirely. However, this is all just conjecture — one can only wait and watch to see just how powerful Metal Lee will get.

25 Powerful: Shikamaru

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No one would assume a lazy, wisecracking weakling to become one of the most powerful ninjas around, but these people ignored one crucial thing about Shikamaru — he was an incredibly smart individual, with an IQ so immense that his mentor Asuma was awestruck at his sheer level of intellect.

The fact that he's the personal advisor to the Hokage speaks volumes when it comes to just how important his advice is for Naruto. After all, every Hokage required a guiding hand whom they can trust, and Shikamaru ended up playing this crucial role for Naruto when he fulfilled his lifelong dream of becoming the Hokage.

24 Weak: Shikadai

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In a way, the relationship between Shikadai and Boruto is quite similar to Shikamaru and Naruto's bond. The only child of Shikamaru and Tenten, Shikadai boasts the intellect of his father and the prowess of his mother, contributing to a genin with a ton of potential.

However, just like his dad, he also has a rather unenthusiastic and lazy outlook towards life, which is also what held Shikamaru back for the most part. Only time will give us an indication of how major a role he'll play in the events to come.

23 Powerful: Gaara

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The journey of Gaara from a major antagonist into one of Konoha's strongest allies is a great tale indeed, and he's got no one but Naruto to thank for that. His incredible power and prowess in Sand Manipulation truly made him worthy of such an impressive title as the Kazekage.

By the time Boruto came out, Gaara is still going strong as the Fifth Kazekage. While nothing particularly horrible has ravaged the Sand Village, one might argue that the presence of Gaara has deterred any would-be attackers from targeting the village.

22 Weak: Yurui

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Hailing from Kumogakure, Yurui is an ardent fan of Killer Bee with an arrogant attitude that proved to be his undoing during the Chunin exams. His abilities are certainly unique, such as when he blows bubbles to create traps or cause explosions.

He also carries two Supervibrato Lightning Release Swords to accompany his offensive repertoire. Perhaps if he managed to keep his arrogance in control, he might just end up becoming a halfway-decent ninja... but as of right now, it's too early to make such an assumption.

21 Powerful: Sakura

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Sakura used to be the scapegoat when one talked about some of the most useless characters in Naruto, and it's completely understandable why. Given the screen time that she had, the overall control she had on the events that unfolded was criminally low. However, that doesn't take away from the sheer bevy of abilities that she has.

From an unbelievable level of strength to impressive medical techniques, there's no shortage to the techniques that make Sakura one of the most powerful ninjas in Konoha.

20 Weak: Tarui

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Tarui is — quite fittingly — Yurui's teammate, and it's easy to see why this character is just so infuriatingly weak. Sporting little to no redeeming qualities that would make him even remotely worthy of being a remotely decent ninja, one can only wonder whether this character will even play a major role in the events to come.

The fact that he was dispatched of with one simple punch from Sarada is proof enough that he was simply meant to showcase the progress of Sarada, and nothing else.

19 Powerful: Kakashi

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As the village's Sixth Hokage, Any longtime Naruto fan will understand why Kakashi has made this list in the first place. Being a long-time fan favorite ever since his introduction way back in the early moments of Naruto, Kakashi established himself as a force to be reckoned from that very instant.

Choosing him as a Hokage was a decision that had to be made — after all, there aren't many ninjas in Konohagakure that boast the immense strength and peerless wit of Kakashi.

18 Weak: Yodo

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It sucks that we have to add an ardent music fan to a rather demeaning list, but such is the image of Yodo that we simply cannot look past these transgressions. While she might seem incredibly cool and confident, there's not really a lot that she's shown till now to prove her mettle.

She suffered a loss in the Chunin exams at the hands of Shikadai Nara, making her nothing more than fodder to showcase the mettle of the new generation at Konohagakure. Of course, we might be writing her off too soon, but she hasn't really shown anything particularly notable.

17 Powerful: Jigen

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While it might be a gross oversimplification to call Kara nothing more than the "Akatsuki" of Boruto, one cannot witness the introduction of this group without making this comparison. The leader of this group is a person named Jigen, who seems mysterious enough to the point where his strength is certainly seeming to be up to the mark.

After all, one would require a fair bit of strength and intellect to be steering the helm of such a diabolical organization. One can only wait and see how things will unfold with Jigen and Kara, which has a keen interest in the juinjutsu present in the world of Boruto.

16 Weak: Chocho

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The only daughter of Karui and Choji Akimichi (a partnership that no one could've predicted, to be completely honest), Chocho is another addition to the new generation in Boruto. Her abilities involve a combination of Lightning ninjutsu, along with the techniques of the Akimichi clan that we're all too familiar with.

However — as is the case with most of the people featured as the weakest — the fact that she's fairly new in the world of Naruto means that her abilities simply don't match up with the rest... although this might not be an issue after a while.

15 Powerful: Orochimaru

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Even naming this character gives us the creeps.

Character development has always been a strong aspect of Naruto, and looking at how Orochimaru has changed over time is a testament to the writing of Kishimoto. The fact that someone like Orochimaru can actually redeem himself — given the despicable acts he's performed — should be unacceptable... but it's actually believable.

Anyone who's seen Naruto knows why Orochimaru is just so strong — his prowess is indisputable, and his scientific mettle is also nothing to scoff at either.

14 Weak: Himawari

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If Boruto takes after his dad, then you can bet that Himawari takes after her mom. It's a simple design approach, but it's not like anyone's complaining. While Himawari might show promise, her spot in this list is mainly because of her woeful underdevelopment.

She has shown considerable potential — such as when she knocked out her father (who happens to be the freakin' Hokage) — in a single blow. However, her lack of training as a kunoichi holds her back from becoming a force to be reckoned.

13 Powerful: Hinata


It's honestly quite sad that Himawari is not being provided with any kunoichi training — after all, the fact that she takes after her mother would certainly allow her to become extremely powerful. Just take a look at Hinata and her bevy of abilities to understand why this is the case.

Her proficiency with the Byakugan would undoubtedly have improved over time, and the fact that her brother passed away must've spurred her onwards to reach new levels of power and do justice by the Hyuga name.

12 Weak: Iwabee Yuino

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Shades of Naruto can definitely be seen with Iwabee Yuino. While he was definitely talented in all the practical aspects of being a ninja, his aversion towards textbook learning led to him being held back constantly. His rebellious attitude came up as a result of his former friends abandoning him in the quest of becoming a full-fledged ninja.

While this character definitely shows some promise, there's still a long way to go before he can be taken seriously as a strong, competent ninja of Konohagakure.

11 Powerful: Yamato

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Introduced during the early goings of Naruto Shippuden, Yamato has turned out to be one of the most crucial and important characters around. His unique Wood Release ability — a by-product of Orochimaru's inhumane testing — allowed him to control Naruto when the Kyuubi chakra happened to get out of control.

As of right now, Yamato has been tasked with monitoring Orochimaru's movements. However, that shouldn't take away from the unique repertoire of moves that this aging legend has under his belt.

10 Weak: Araya

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Kenjutsu doesn't really get a lot of love in the Naruto universe. Sure, there are times when Sasuke or some other character uses a sword to augment their abilities, but — more often than not — ninjutsu and taijutsu end up dominating most of the fights.

Take the example of Araya — from Sunagakure, Araya is one of the many genins that sports a lot of potential. The fact that he was personally chosen by Gaara speaks volumes, but there is still a lot that this promising young man needs to accomplish before he can truly hang with the greatest.

9 Powerful: Konohamaru

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Who would've thought that a spoilt, loud-mouthed grandson of the Third Hokage would end up as one of the most powerful ninjas in Konohagakure? Well... now that we say that out loud, it actually makes a ton of sense that Konohamaru would end up being such a proficient ninja.

He can already form the Rasengan by himself. If that wasn't impressive enough as is, he developed the Big Ball Rasengan all by himself, and also managed to integrate Wind Release to his Rasengan — a feat that only a few ninjas have been able to accomplish.

8 Weak: Inojin

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Y0u'd expect the son of Ino and Sai to have a ton of potential, and Inojin has certainly shown shades of greatness over the course of Boruto. Unfortunately, there are also times when he's shown vulnerability, such as when he lost in the Chunin exams to Araya.

Carrying over the Ino-Shika-Cho partnership in the next generation, Inojin has generally proven himself to be the most level-headed of the trio (although that's not really something to brag about). As is the case with most of these entries, one can only wait and see how things will develop with this character.

7 Powerful: Shino

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Shino is a character that sent shivers down the spine of each and every child when it was revealed that his entire body housed an innumerable variety of creepy-crawlies. You'd think that he might've become an oversight over time, but his presence in the New Era has been oh-so-tangible.

On top of his amazing surveillance abilities, Shino also boasts an impressive intellect to boot. He's certainly a highly useful jack-of-all-trades, making him an indispensable aspect to Konoha and their high-ranking missions.

6 Weak: Namida Suzumeno

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The perfect definition of a support character, Namida is another new character introduced to the world of Boruto. Unlike the rest of the people on the weaker side of the list that actually showed some potential, Namida seems to be nothing more than a side character reserved solely for comic relief.

In fact, there was a point where this person was not even going to take the Shinobi Exams due to certain personal issues, but thankfully she ended up being a genin. One can only speculate whether this character will actually show some potential over time.

5 Powerful: Shin Uchiha

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The tale of Shin Uchiha is actually pretty tragic. Born out of an unethical experiment by Orochimaru — as expected — Shin ended up forming a rather unhealthy obsession with the Uchiha clan, so much so that he ended up taking their last name.

He attempted to revive the Akatsuki with his clones. However, after realizing he wasn't needed, the clones ended up betraying and stabbing Shin, who succumbed to his injuries. It's a tragic end to a rather sad existence.

4 Weak: Wasabi Izuno

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Remember when we were talking about Namida? Well, Wasabi is her closest friend, and convinced her — along with some much-needed help from Sarada and Shino — to become a genin in the first place. However, this list isn't gauging how strong friendships are, otherwise Wasabi would've been on the opposite side of the spectrum.

As far as potential is concerned, Wasabi is actually one of the fastest genins in her class, which is quite promising indeed. She can also utilize a limited form of medical ninjutsu, although it's been noted that she's not really cut out for it.

3 Powerful: Kawaki

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Making his debut in the manga in a rather impressive fashion, very little is known about Kawaki up to this point. However, any ninja who apparently took care of someone so imposing as Naruto definitely deserves a spot on this list.

This character is shrouded in a mysterious aura.

While we won't go as far as to say that Kawaki is Boruto's Sasuke, the two certainly share a rivalry that will end up shaping the events of Boruto's story. One can only wait and see how this character will make an impact on the story.

2 Weak: Boruto

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This placement might cause an uproar among fans, but hear us out.

It's obvious that Boruto will end up playing a major role in the events to come — the fact that the story is named after him should be a dead giveaway.

However, as of right now, his power is minuscule.

This is especially true when compared to some of the bigwig features on this list. While it's quite possible that Boruto might even surpass his old man in terms of power, as of right now, he's still relatively weak.

1 Powerful: Naruto

via naruto.wikia.com

There was no other name befitting of the final placement in this list.

Witnessing Naruto's journey from his mischevious early days, all the way to achieving his dream and becoming the Hokage, is nothing short of mesmerizing.

He's taken us on a memorable journey.

With the advent of the new generation, there's still a long way to go before Naruto finally takes a backseat... although we still dread the onset of that moment. In fact, every diehard anime fan dreads the day when Naruto becomes a figure of the past.

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