Bran Stark Actor Previews Upcoming Magic: The Gathering Card

Isaach Wright, the Game of Thrones actor who played Bran Stark, just previewed a brand new card from Magic: The Gathering’s upcoming Throne of Eldraine expansion.

Besides playing a magic boy in Game of Thrones, Isaach Wright also plays Magic: The Gathering when he can find the time. So it seems an ideal match for Wright to showcase one of Throne of Eldraine’s upcoming legendary creatures in a sponsored post on Instagram.

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Kid’s gotta get his green somewhere now that Game of Thrones is over.

As part of the “Buy-a-Box” promotion, you get a free promo card with every box you buy. A set of 45 booster packs gets you one, while a 90-pack gets you two. The promotion was revealed last July, but we didn’t know what card the promo would provide up until Wright showcased it on the ‘Gram.

That card is “Kenrith, the Returned King,” and he’s a great option for anyone looking to make a five-color Commander Deck or even a deck for the new Brawl format.

For five converted mana (four colorless, one white) you get a 5/5 Legendary Human Noble creature that comes with five differently-colored abilities, none of which require him to tap. The first is just a single red to give your entire army haste and trample. Second is just one colorless and one green mana to lay out a +1/+1 counter on any creature you'd like. Two colorless and one white gives any player 5 life, which is a great ability to have when playing multiplayer as it gives you incredible negotiating power. Ditto the blue ability which lets the target player draw a card for four mana.

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The black ability, sadly, only reanimates a creature to their owner's battlefield, but that still provides a ton of incentive for players to get on your good side. All of Kenrick's abilities make him great for a casual sit-down with friends.

On top of that, with only a single white mana keeping him from hitting the board, he's an incredibly easy Commander to play with while still unlocking the entire color wheel.

Throne of Eldraine arrives October 4th, so there’s still plenty of time to order a box and get a copy of Kendrick for your next Commander deck.

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