Brawl Stars: Create A New Skin & Win $10,000

Supercell has just launched a new website called Supercell Make and is offering $10,000 to create the best Brawl Stars skin.

Supercell, the developer of the recent mobile hit Brawl Stars, has just launched a new website called Supercell Make. The site allows members of Brawl Stars' online community to create and pitch skins for its playable brawlers. Visitors to the website can then vote for their favorites, and winning skins will not only be implemented into the game, but the winner will be awarded $10,000.

To start, the Supercell Make website provides prospective creators with a pack of character assets that can then be imported into a 3D modeling program. Blender, Maya, Cinema4D and 3DS Max are among the various programs through which skins can be created and accepted onto the site.

Contributors can't submit skins for just any of the game's playable brawlers, rather, Supercell plans to run only one campaign at a time, each of which features a single brawler. The debut campaign is for the burly archer Bo. In addition to providing usable modeling assets, the website also provides some simple guidelines as to what defines the character and what makes a good skin for him.

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Some key elements that define Bo are never showing his eyes, wearing some sort of headpiece, and his affinity for birds. Currently, the design in first place is called "Horus Bo," and bedecks Bo in an outfit inspired by the Egyptian god Horus. The skin includes a Horus headpiece with the eyes of the deity's likeness covering Bo's own eyes.

The "BO-Nanza," as the initial contest is called, began on the 1st of November and opened itself to submissions two days later. Submissions will last all the way until January 19th, so there's still plenty of time for anyone good at modeling 3D birds to surpass Horus Bo's 14,000 vote lead. Voting then closes on February 2nd, and a week later, the winner will be announced. Presumably, the winning skin will be added to the game not too long after, given that all the hard work will already be completed. And thankfully, the benefactor of all that hard work will receive significant financial compensation for their work.

Source: Pocket Gamer

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