Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston Could Be In Uncharted Movie But Not As Sully, Says Director

The director of the upcoming Uncharted movie has dismissed the rumors claiming Bryan Cranston could play Sully's character in the film. While the director indicated that Cranston is an "awesome" actor, production isn't at that stage yet.

Tom Holland has already been confirmed to play a younger version of Nathan Drake in the movie, but it's still unknown who will land the role as his mentor Sully. Cranston, famous for his starring role as Walter White in highly rated series Breaking Bad, had been shopped as the man for the job by various sources. However, the speculation is said to be just that.

Dan Trachtenberg, who will be directing the movie, has told GamesRadar that Sully will be a part of it as expected. However, Cranston isn't yet set to play him.

"Not as Sully, none of that Sully stuff is based in...," he said before pausing. "Bryan Cranston is awesome, it might be cool. But we're not there yet with that. And all of that stuff is based on an older draft, and older... Actually, frankly, I think that was always rumour. All of that Sully stuff is rumour and based on old stuff."

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Trachtenberg continues, "I mean, [Sully]'s in the movie obviously, but we have not started any casting talks with me being at the helm. Not to say any of those ideas that have been floating around might be cool ones, but we haven't engaged in that yet."

So, Cranston may not be playing Sully. Although, a role as a villainous character is perhaps possible.

Trachtenberg would touch on Holland's starring role, saying he felt the young actor playing a younger Drake was a really smart way in. He also revealed that the character will not be as young as some fans are fearing.

“I think Tom Holland is a brilliant actor and the idea of not doing the video game stories, telling a tale that hadn’t been told yet, I thought was a really smart way in," he declared.

“He might go a little bit older in a way that you realize. 'Oh, it's Nathan before the first game’, but it's not like Young Nate Drake. He's not playing Nathan in the flashbacks. This is actually just Nathan and Sully’s first adventure.”

The movie is set for release around the holiday season next year.

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