Breath Of The Wild 2: 10 Things We Want Nintendo To Include

There's a good reason the Switch's epic launch title, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has become the best selling Zelda game of all time - it's just that excellent. Naturally, millions of Zelda fans were overjoyed when Nintendo snuck in their surprise announcement of a sequel during its 2019 E3 showcase.

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This follow-up looks to take on something of a more darkly-tinged Majora's Mask vibe. The trailer shows Zelda and Link gazing into a vortex of darkness revealing what appears to be a zombified Gannon. This teaser has already invoked the imagination of many fans, endlessly speculating about this sequel's potential. And while it'll be tough to top the epic nature of the original, there are still some areas in which BoTW2 can improve upon.

So let's venture back to Hyrule as we cover 10 key things we hope to see in this epic sequel.

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10 Repairable Weapons

One of the biggest criticisms BoTW received is the frequency of breakable weapons. For a game that leans so heavily on combat, it was bizarre and a bit frustrating to have the sword or bow you've learned to love just implode on you after five minutes of using it.

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While it might feel a tad cheap and simplistic for the sequel to remove this feature entirely, Nintendo may be well served to implement a weapon repairing feature Skyrim-style. Perhaps you could even upgrade them over time to improve their strength and durability. This way players can hang on to their preferred weapons rather than constantly nabbing new ones.

9 More Enemy Varieties

While the latest Zelda entry featured some dynamic enemies that were fun to take down, there certainly could have been more variety. There isn't a ton of diversity in the hostile creatures beyond varieties of Moblins, Octoroks, and pesky Guardians. Not only didn't we see many new baddies - even many from previous entries were missing in BoTW. How about the return of Like-Likes, Baba Plants, or Redeads? This would make the already enjoyable combat even more interesting.

It seems that quantity was somewhat sacrificed for quality on this front - with the dynamic open-world and smarter AI. Hopefully with the sequel - and their increased time and experience working with the new engine - Nintendo will be able to give us more of both.

8 A Richer Soundtrack

On one level, it makes sense that Nintendo would emphasize a more stripped-down, borderline ambient soundtrack for Breath of the Wild. After all, this simplicity compliments the desolate, ruined feel of a post-apocalyptic Hyrule.

But as the sequel will take place during a time when Hyrule will likely be rebuilding from Calamity Gannon's destruction, hopefully we'll get a richer, more melodic soundtrack to follow. After all, much of this iconic fantasy series' charm lies in its gorgeous classical melodies.

7 More Emphasis On Action

BoTW's open-world elements and freedom in the gameplay was a step in the right direction for many in returning to the series' exploration-based roots.

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But while the game had dialed back the more linear, puzzle-based elements, classic Zelda's other core trait - arcade-style action - was a bit lacking. Even many of the enemies - and particularly the bosses - often have puzzle-like gimmicks that you need to work around to defeat. It'd be nice to see this sequel embrace more undiluted fast-paced action that's at least somewhat closer to, say, Hyrule Warriors.

6 Retro Graphics Mode

This one may seem a bit unorthodox - but since a similar fantasy epic which is soon to release on Switch, Dragon Quest XI S, has the ability to switch to 16-bit graphics, why not Zelda? The series, like Dragon Quest, is a long-running franchise that traces back to the '80s. Thus, it'd be cool to be able to change the graphics and art style to adhere to the game's retro sensibilities with an overlay of 16-bit or even 8-bit pixel art.

This would likely be well received by the retro fans of the Switch. On top of this, a simplistic, top-down display of retro graphics would mesh well with the smaller handheld screen of the Switch.

5 More Developed Hyrule

The vast, wondrous nature of BoTW's ruined landscapes and decimated buildings of Hyrule truly made for a gripping experience in its own way. It invited players to explore while invoking a tinge of eeriness.

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At the same time, it would be a welcomed addition to see a more fleshed-out and detailed version of these lands. After the defeat of Calamity Gannon and the inevitable rebuilding of Hyrule, perhaps we could see more developed and even industrialized areas.

4 A Co-Op Companion For Link

Obviously, the Zelda series has never been known for its multiplayer features - but there's a first time for everything, right? If Nintendo truly wants to make this sequel stand out, rather than feel akin to "BoTW 1.5," a major addition could be some sort of co-op feature.

Venturing around with another player - perhaps a Midna-type, or even Zelda herself - could add an interesting new dynamic. Even if your companion played a lesser role, it'd still be great to have another player get involved in some fashion.

3 More Activities In Villages

Again, this ties in with the post-apocalyptic, desolate nature of Breath of the Wild's version of Hyrule, but it'd be nice to have villages and cities that were larger and "busier."

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There could perhaps be a wider variety of things to do, like more sidequests, minigames, and more elaborate upgrades provided by town NPCs. Bustling, elaborate towns more in the vein of Kakariko Village and Goron City would add some more character to the experience.

2 More Interesting Bosses

Sure, you had the massive, epic monsters of the Divine Beasts, and the sort of "minibosses" in the form of Lynels, Stone Taluses, and a few others. Yet, seeing as this sequel will take place in a darker, more hostile version of Hyrule, it would make sense to see a greater diversity of more ominous bosses.

This isn't to say they should be Divine Beast-level in terms of their scale. However, there could be additional bosses in dungeons or hidden areas that reside somewhere in between the Lynel-esque minibosses and massive Divine Beast monsters.

1 More Elaborate Dungeons/Temples

This leads us to our final point - the addition of more elaborate dungeons and temples. Although BoTW was known for its shrines - standing at a whopping 120, most of these felt like "mini-dungeons," or glorified puzzles. You also had the 4 Divine Beasts, but again, these favored puzzle tinkering over exploration or monster-slaying.

It'd be great to see fleshed-out temples that more closely resembled the ominous Hyrule Castle dungeon at the end of BoTW. More temples that reside in-between the Divine Beasts and bite-sized shrines in scope would be a nice change for the sequel. Thankfully, this does seem likely, as the game appears to emphasize underground exploration.

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