Breath Of The Wild: 10 Most Useful Things You Can Buy From A Merchant, Ranked

Merchants in Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild sell tons of items to Link, but which shields, accessories and other items are best?

Breath of the Wild’s open-world also stands out as one of the best designed open worlds in gaming. Every little detail exists for a reason. There’s no fluff and Hyrule is interconnected in a way that both makes sense and is logical. Naturally, any adventurer embarking on their quest is going to need some items, but not everything purchasable is worth the Rupees. A little guidance goes a long way.

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10 Produce

Cooking is a rather important aspect of Breath of the Wild, but it’s one that players can very easily (and conveniently) ignore. With enough Hearts, the difficulty curve takes a plummet and cooking more or less feels unnecessary. It’s a fun part of the game, though, and Master Mode does incentivize it a bit more often.

Naturally, being able to cook comfortably also means have the necessary ingredients at all times. It is never a bad idea to stock up on produce from merchants. Anything that can be used as an ingredient, buy it. With Rupees so abundant, there’s no reason not to have produce on Link at all times.

9 Arrows

Arrows, like produce, never stop being useful, but they’re arguably far more important in the grand scheme of things. Swordplay in Breath of the Wild isn’t bad, but arrow combat steals the show. Link’s pseudo-bullet time makes taking out enemies feel great, and gyroscopic aiming is top-notch, giving players the means to make quick, snappy movements on the fly.

Unlike produce, there is a limit to how many arrows Link can purchase, but so long as players diligently buy arrows whenever they see a merchant, there’s never a good reason to actually run out. That said, players can be forgetful. Make sure to stay stocked up on arrows.

8 Lynel Mask

Lynels are notoriously the most difficult enemies to fight in Breath of the Wild, with variants that put up a better fight than Calamity Ganon himself (though that’s not actually saying much.) Lynels can be incredibly overwhelming to fight, and running into one at the wrong time is a game over waiting to happen. They make exploration tense.

Thankfully, those weak of heart can purchase a Lynel Mask from Kilton’s Monster Shop later in the game by trading in monster parts. The Lynel Mask tricks Lynels into believing Link is one of their own. That said, it’s never a good idea to linger when a Lynel’s around. Either start swinging or start running.

7 Dark Armor Set

Another goodie courtesy of Milton’s nifty little Monster Shop, the Dark Armor set makes Link look exactly like Dark Link from Ocarina of Time while also bestowing upon him the power of super speed so long as it’s night. Honestly, it’s not that great a set of armor, but BotW is an easy game and being able to run super fast at night is admittedly pretty fun.

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Plus, it’s just cool to play as Dark Link. It’s the real deal, visually, perfectly emulating how he appeared in Ocarina of Time. It’s a nice little detail and secrets like these have kept Breath of the Wild thriving long after its 2017 release.

6 Flamebreaker Set

Another armor set, albeit one players should (and likely will if they’re smart) purchase over the course of the game. The Flamebreaker set essentially makes traversing incredibly hot areas possible. There are other means to stay cool while scaling Death Mountain, but the Flamebreaker set is the most convenient (and definitive) workaround.

Unfortunately, the set is quite expensive so get ready to shell out some Rupees. Those who head to Death Mountain first might find themselves strapped for cash. Alternatively, those who save Death Mountain for last will likely find their wallets overflowing with Rupees, ready to be spent on armor.

5 Snowquill Set

Practicality is the name of the game when it comes to buying anything from a merchant. Beedle and the other shopkeepers won’t be selling weapons, but the armor sets they do sell can make quite a difference. The Snowquill Set can be found in Rito Village and it keeps its practicality throughout the whole game.

It’s the set of armor for cold weather traversal, and it actually had decent stats to boot. Not just that, the Snowquill Set is one of the more stylish armor sets in the game. Link can stay warm and show off his inner fashionista in one fell swoop.

4 Opal Earrings

Gerudo Town is home to some of the best accessories in the game, if not the outright best. Every piece of jewelry offers Link some kind of meaningful bonus, but the Opal Earrings in particular speed Link up while swimming. Paired with any available pieces of the Zora Armor Set, and Link & water become turn into a good match.

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Of course, Breath of the Wild isn’t a game where players will be naturally swimming around all that often, but water is a present enough fixture where there’s no downside to wearing the Opal Earrings. It certainly helps that they’re visually subtle while still stylish.

3 Amber Earrings

By far the single best piece of jewelry in the game and a great accessory that never loses its luster, the Amber Earrings increase Link’s defense. That’s it, but that’s all it needs to do. Fully upgraded Amber Earrings offer like a +10 Defense boost without covering up his face, and pairing with just about any piece of armor in the game.

Amber Earrings aren’t particularly difficult to craft, either, making it a rather easy purchase for anyone who takes the time to explore Gerudo Town. Heading to Gerudo Valley first can potentially net players one of the best accessories in the game right off the bat.

2 Diamond Circlet

Defense is great, but sometimes raw states just aren’t enough. The Gerudo Town Jewelry store offers several pieces of Jewelry that boost Link’s resistance to the elements, but one curious piece specifically increases Link’s resistance against Guardians, some of the most dangerous enemies in the game and the main enemies players will be fighting when storming Hyrule Castle.

It goes without saying, this is quite a hefty purchase, more so than other pieces of jewelry. Players need 1500 Rupees and 3 diamonds. Those heading to Gerudo Town early likely won’t have the means to nab themselves a Diamond Circlet, but it’s an accessory worth doubling back for.

1 Hylian Shield

The Hylian Shield is not purchasable by ordinary means. Rather, players need to find it by infiltrating Hyrule Castle. This can be done at just about any time and so long as players head to the basement carefully, it’s possible to get in and out without much trouble. The Hylian Shield notably has the highest durability of any shield in the game, to the point where it almost never breaks.

But it does break, and when it does, it’s seemingly lost for good. Thankfully, those who have completed the Tarrey Town side quest can buy a replacement Hylian Shield there should they ever lose or break their supposedly “one of a kind” shield.

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