Breath Of The Wild: 10 Purely Cosmetic Mods That Make A Difference

Breath of the Wild, the most recent Legend of Zelda game, may be built for the Nintendo Switch, but that hasn't stopped ingenious gamers from porting the title onto their PCs. With this port inevitably comes one of the signature aspects of PC gaming - mods.

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A plethora of mods have been developed for Breath of the Wild over at modding site GameBanana, focusing on everything from its combat to its characters to its shrines. However, some of the more interesting mods are the ones that change the appearance of the game. Here are 10 of the best purely cosmetic mods for Breath of the Wild.

10 Your Princess Is In Another Castle

Given the popularity of Nintendo's games, it only makes sense that modders would bring elements from other titles into Breath of the Wild. That's exactly the reasoning behind the first mod on our list, which lets players face off against none other than Bowser from the Mario games.

This mod replaces the intimidating Hinox monsters that dot Hyrule's landscape with massive Bowser models, giving Link a chance to take down the giant reptile as Mario never could - with swords, arrows, and bombs. This crossover mod is sure to be a treat for any Nintendo fans.

9 Kart Racing Master Cycle

Also hailing from a Mario title, this mod is a skin for Link's Master Cycle. The motorcycle, which is included in the Champion's Ballad DLC, is obtained after defeating Link's own Divine Beast and can be used to travel across Hyrule in style.

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This particular mod references the Mario Kart games and makes the Master Cycle look a lot more like Link's kart from his recent appearance in the series. Whether this means that Link canonically enjoys go-kart racing is up to you to decide - although we personally enjoy the idea of the stoic warrior cutting loose for a weekend of friendly competition!

8 Wah!

Yet another reference to the Mario series, the next mod on our list replaces Link with a different Hero of Hyrule - Waluigi! While this purple-clad villain twist on Luigi may not have his own game (or a Super Smash Bros character), he still gets his chance to shine.

While this mod doesn't do much beyond replacing Link's model with Waluigi, it does also include a Wario themed shield for him to wield. For anyone disappointed at how this unusually popular character has been snubbed in recent Nintendo titles, this mod is sure to delight.

7 Metroid Swarms

We're taking a break from the Mario games - to talk about another Nintendo title! This mod replaces the swarms of Keese you can find flying around at night with Metroids from - well, Metroid. Samus Aran may not be around to keep these parasitic aliens in check, but Link is more than up to the task.

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The mod comes complete with sound effects unique to the Metroid enemies. As for why the Metroids are in Hyrule, perhaps they've teamed up with Calamity Ganon. Will Link be able to stop the alien invasion? The answer is up to you.

6 Get Out Of My Swamp!

The monstrous Hinoxes that roam Hyrule are reminiscent of many different mythical beasts from legend. Their single eye evokes a cyclops, while their stature and size make one think of a giant. But one word that also comes mind is ogre.

That is surely the reasoning behind the creation of this mod, which replaces the Hinoxes in Hyrule with none of than Shrek, the ogre from the eponymous film series. He seems none to pleased at Link for disturbing his sleep, and while he may not always be found in a swamp, we're pretty sure he still wants you to get out.

5 Master Sword Throwback

As the most iconic weapon of the Legend of Zelda series, the Master Sword has gone through a wide variety of incarnations over the years. However, it's always the same blade, destined for Link, the Hero of Hyrule.

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While the Master Sword in Breath of the Wild is certainly a good-looking weapon, sometimes the old ways are best, and this mod absolutely recognizes that. It replaces the model for the Master Sword with one that more closely matches its appearance in Ocarina of Time, perfect for all the nostalgic fans out there.

4 Steve

Breath of the Wild's crafting system is pretty robust, with ways to improve your armor, forge ancient weapons, and even cook delicious food. Perhaps that was on the mind of our next mod's creator, as it replaces Link's model in the game with the protagonist of another famous crafting game - Steve, from Minecraft.

While Breath of the Wild doesn't have nearly as in-depth of a crafting system as Minecraft, Steve still fits in as a fellow silent protagonist. He takes a break here from punching trees and running from exploding Creepers to roam the fields of Hyrule and give Link some much needed time off.

3 Linkle

Linkle is a gender-swapped version of Link who has thus far only appeared in the Hyrule Warriors games. While these may be her only official appearances, Linkle fans can see an unofficial appearance in Breath of the Wild with the help of this mod, which replaces Link with Linkle.

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While it may not quite be canon, it's still nice to see Linkle appearing in a proper Legend of Zelda title. Nintendo has hinted that they're not quite finished with her character, but for now, this mod is a welcome addition to Breath of the Wild.

2 The Titular Heroine

A running joke amongst Legend of Zelda fans is that while Link is typically the hero of these games, Zelda is the one whose name appears on the box, leading to Link being incorrectly referred to as "Zelda." Our penultimate mod seeks to address that, however, and lets players take on the role of Princess Zelda in Breath of the Wild.

While there are rumors that Zelda will be playable in the upcoming sequel to Breath of the Wild, for now, we have to rely on modding to see her as a player character. This mod more than fulfills that need and is certainly a refreshing way to play the game.

1 Build-A-Link

The final mod on our list draws inspiration from a variety of other RPGs where you not only play as your character - you create them. This mod brings that mechanic to Breath of the Wild, letting you customize Link's hair color, skin color, and eye color in any combination you like.

Whether you want to see what Link would look like as a Gerudo, or just want to give him pink hair, this mod gives you a whole lot of choices on how you want to customize your Link. It gives players a personal touch to their game, making it one of the best cosmetic mods out there.

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