Breath Of The Wild: 5 Elixirs You Need To Survive (& 5 That Are A Waste Of Space)

There are many elixirs to choose in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild but some are much more valuable than others!

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you can mix and match any and all ingredients to come up with some sort of delectable meal that will fill Link up and restore his hearts. If you choose to cook up monster parts, you'll be left with an elixir that will benefit Link in some sort of way.

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Today we're going to be taking a look at five elixirs that you should check out, along with five you can skip. Let's get into it.

10 Necessary: Energizing Elixirs

The Energizing Elixir restores your stamina, which as we all know, is very useful. Most of your time in Breath of the Wild is spent climbing up impossibly tall mountains, so sometimes your normal stamina amount is not enough. If you drink an Energizing Elixir, you get to restore your stamina. This is useful when Link is ready to give up, but you are not. Carry on, soldier. Basically, this one can save you during a big climb, so they come in clutch pretty easily.

9 Useless: Hasty Elixirs

Hasty Elixirs can boost your movement speed, whether you're running, swimming, or performing some other type of movement. This really isn't necessary. Boosting up your speed in Breath of the Wild doesn't really do much for you. Hasty Elixirs just aren't useful. You're better off putting your hard-earned monster remains into something that's useful, such as doin' a little sneaky sneak.

8 Necessary: Sneaky Elixirs

Sneaky Elixirs give you a stealth boost, and we can all stand to be a bit stealthier now and then. Sneaking can do plenty for you in Breath of the Wild. It can help you slip by enemy camps, Lynels and that ex that you just really don't want to talk to.

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The sneakier the better, so the use of a Sneaky Elixir will make that journey much easier. Be sure to make the most of this Elixir, as none of them last forever. Run out of bananas in the Yiga Hideout? Sneaky Elixirs will do the trick.

7 Useless: Hearty Elixirs

Hearty Elixirs restore your hearts and give you some extra. Cool, useless. The fact of the matter is that extra hearts are incredibly easy to obtain. You can get them from most food dishes in the game. Why waste monster parts on them when you can get them from dishes cooked with items such as hearty radishes? Hearty Elixirs just aren't worth the parts that are needed to make them, as there are dishes that can do the trick for you. Also, hearts are just mad easy to obtain either way.

6 Necessary: Enduring Elixirs

Enduring Elixirs extend your stamina wheel, which always comes in clutch. While the aforementioned Energizing Elixirs simply restore your stamina, the Enduring Elixirs actually extend your current stamina wheel. This can be incredibly useful in a ton of situations. Find a mountain that you're particularly enamored with and just need to climb? But wait! It's just too dang tall! Oh boy, do we have an elixir for you. The Enduring Elixir has the same properties as some dishes in the game, but the effect is too big to ignore.

5 Useless: Spicy Elixirs

Spicy Elixirs can be used to up your resistance to cold environments. Weird flex but okay. Here's a wild idea that Ms. Spicy Elixir never thought of. Wear a jacket.

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There will often be situations that you need a little help staying warm, but Spicy Elixirs aren't going to be what you want to turn to in order to make that happen. As with many other elixirs on the useless list, the benefits don't outweigh the ingredients that are needed to make it. There are many other items in Breath of the Wild that can give you a cold resist, so stick to using those over Spicy Elixirs.

4 Necessary: Mighty Elixirs

Mighty Elixirs give you an attack boost. There's never a time that we don't need one of those. There's danger around every corner in Hyrule. It's just part of the territory. Playing in Master Mode? It's practically built for death. Mighty Elixirs can help with that problem. The attack boost that these elixirs give you can be used before a particularly tricky battle. Maybe against a Lynel or one of Ganon's forms? These are one of the elixirs that will certainly put in the work on your journey, so make sure to cook them up when you're getting ready to enter a combat-heavy situation.

3 Useless: Chilly Elixirs

Chilly Elixirs give you a resistance to the very warm climates that can be found in various regions of Hyrule. There are many ways that the use of this item can be circumvented. Cooking the Hydromelon into different dishes is just one way to get such a task done. Chilly Elixirs are certainly more useful than their spicy counterparts, as staying cool is harder than staying warm in this game by a mile. Either way, neither of the elixirs are super useful when there are other options to get their functions done easier.

2 Necessary: Electro Elixir

Electro Elixirs grant you increased electrical resistance, something that comes in super clutch all of the time. Considering that lightning can come from various sources (enemies, the sky, stuff like that), it can hit you when you're not prepared for it. It can also take you out in a single hit if you're not prepared for it. Or just make you drop your sword, which is just highly inconvenient. Electro Elixirs can be highly useful pretty much anywhere in Hyrule, so stock up on them.

1 Useless: Fireproof Elixir

Fireproof Elixirs stop Link from catching fire, fair. That's so, so fair. You know what sucks? Being on fire. You know what stops being on fire? Fireproof Elixirs. These elixirs are actually essential in the game, as you can't get to Death Mountain without them. After that though, you get some armor that actually prevents fire entirely, so these elixirs do become a bit useless after a certain time. Still, they're very useful when they are actually necessary.

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