Breath Of The Wild Has More Player Hours Than Any Other Switch Game - A Lot More

The Nintendo Switch recently celebrated its two year anniversary. The acclaimed console was released on March 3rd, 2017. That means it's also the two year anniversary for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, as it was a launch title. Interestingly, the game appears to rank as the title with the most hours put in for many players.

Chris Brandrick of Switch Weekly recently held a survey detailing the Switch's state two years later. One major part of the survey was finding out which game players have put the most amount of time in. Many Nintendo fans took part in the survey, giving a glimpse into the games with the most play time. Below you'll find the chart from Switch Weekly, showing Breath of the Wild as the leader, and the titles that trailed behind it.

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Despite not being multiplayer, Breath of the Wild is winning by a large margin. This can be surprising in some capacity, but it's important to remember that Breath of the Wild is two years old, with many players even going back to it today. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will inevitably surpass it, as it's been out for almost three months, and it's already nearly halfway there. It's tough to say if any other title on this list will also surpass Zelda. There isn't much to do after getting every moon in Super Mario Odyssey, or fully completing Xenoblade Chronicles 2, for example. Perhaps Splatoon 2 could do it because of its popular multiplayer mode. Although not in the top 10 here, Fortnite is a candidate, as more and more Switch owners jump into the fray.

As for any upcoming Switch titles that will likely rake in numerous hours, the biggest one is Super Mario Maker 2. The original Mario Maker was a phenomenon and a massive hit with streamers. Mario Maker 2 is bringing in so much new stuff, and the community is likely to be even bigger. There's a solid chance we'll see Super Mario Maker 2 near the top in a future survey like this.

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It's no surprise that Breath of the Wild is still being played today. The open world is incredibly inviting. For some open world games, it's simply about getting to point A to point B, with little desire to go in-depth exploring. Breath of the Wild was different in that even the farthest mountain was reachable, enticing players to go see all there is in Hyrule. The main campaign itself averages to over 40 hours, with completionist runs averaging to 180 hours, according to How Long to Beat. Combine that with spending hours simply roaming the map, and you have a game that many are coming back to two years later.

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