Breath Of The Wild: How To Get And Use The Twilight Bow

One of the hallmarks of The Legend of Zelda series is the tradition of rampaging through the land, opening every chest, and scouring every explorable area in order to gather as many collectibles as possible. Masks, special runes, and weapons are just some of the objects that players dedicate hours of gameplay to finding in order to improve their later gameplay experience.

In Breath of The Wild, one of the most coveted items is the Twilight Bow. Since the higher quality items are much harder to find, the Twilight Bow is one of the trickier items to find in the game. This article will act as a guide on everything one needs to know about the Twilight Bow.

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8 What is The Twilight Bow?

The Twilight Bow is a special bow which can be found within the Breath of The Wild game in The Legend of Zelda series. This bow appeared in an earlier game as well. The bow was once owned by Princess Zelda herself and was originally referred to as the Bow of Light (as it contains the power of the beings known as 'light spirits') when it first appeared in the Twilight Princess game.

It is important to note that the bow which can be found within Breath of The Wild has vastly different abilities than the bow in which it exists as an homage to.

7 Free The Divine Beast

It is very important to note that, without using cheats, one cannot find the Twilight Bow until Link has fully defeated one of the divine beast related quests. The bow will not spawn until this has been accomplished.

Ensure that Link has completed at least one Divine Beast dungeon entirely before beginning one's search for the Twilight Bow. Divine Beast dungeons can be found at the Tabantha Frontier, in the Gerudo Desert, at Death Mountain, and at the East Reservoir Lake. Note: Divine Beasts are some of the more overpowered bosses in the game so one must be prepared before attempting to best them.

6 Collect The Amiibo Rune

It is also important to note that the Twilight Bow will not spawn unless the player has secured the Amiibo rune. The Twilight Bow is a very special item with truly overpowered abilities; therefore, it will not spawn until several specific conditions have been met. And even then, its appearance is not guaranteed.

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Players can secure the Amiibo rune by purchasing one of the Amiibo figurines and keeping it within reach of the gaming console, obtaining one of the Great Plateau Shrine runes, and then unlocking it on the title screen.

5 Don't Forget The Zelda Amiibo

One cannot forget that the Amiibo rune will not work unless the player owns the related Amiibo outside of the game. Normally games do not require players to purchase additional items outside of the game in order to access its features.

But as mentioned earlier, the Twilight Bow is an extremely rare item and a lot of work must go into finding it. The specific Amiibo required to trigger the mechanics needed to randomly spawn the Twilight Bow is the Super Smash Bros version of the Zelda Amiibo.

4 Root Through The Treasure Chests

Now that all of the elements needed to spawn the Twilight Bow have been achieved/secured, players can begin to search for the bow. Players must use the Amiibo rune in conjunction with the specific aforementioned Zelda Amiibo in order to spawn randomized treasure chests that Link can rummage through.

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Note: even after players have achieved every task on this list, the appearance of the Twilight Bow is not guaranteed. The items within these chests are entirely random and it may take a player several tries before the bow spawns. Do not get discouraged.

3 It Is Not Indestructible

It is crucial for the player who seeks this bow to know that it is not indestructible. Which is rather disappointing and frustrating considering how difficult the bow is to find. It is also important to note that the bow uses Light arrows rather than the traditional sort and once the bow has broken, the Light arrows will no longer be of use to the player.

If broken, players can attempt to respawn the bow by repeating the above steps. Note: it is best to save before trying to reacquire the Twilight Bow as it will reset the Amiibo cheat lockout period for the player.

2 Use it Against Powerful Enemies

Since the bow is not indestructible, it is important to only use it against the most powerful enemies and consider other weapons when facing off with weaker opponents. The Twilight Bow is best used against tougher bosses such as Calamity Ganon, Dark Beast Ganon, and The Scourges of The Divine Beasts.

Though it can be used to defeat any enemy in the game, the fact that the bow can break after repeated use and the unlikelihood of it spawning, even under perfect conditions, makes it a weapon that should be used as minimally as possible. Unless the player does not mind having to replace it.

1 Check Out Those Stats

However, it is important to note that the Twilight Bow is difficult to obtain for a reason. This bow is truly overpowered and an asset to any of those who are determined enough to receive it.

The bow has a specified attack power of 30 as well as having a durability score of 100. It has a range reaching up to 8000. And when compared to the original Bow of Lights' range of 500, one can easily see how truly impressive such things are. The Twilight Bow comes with unlimited Light ammo and is truly one of (if not the) best bow in the game. Finding the bow, even after following each and every step and creating the perfect conditions for it to spawn, is not guaranteed. However, finding the bow is a wonderful and worthwhile achievement for any player who seeks it.

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