Brewing Up Trouble: Beer And Moonshine Crafting Is Coming To Fallout 76 On March 12

Starting March 12, players of Fallout 76 will be able to brew their own beer and distill moonshine in their Appalachian hideouts. The new feature is part of the Wild Appalachia update. To gain this ability and start up their own still, players will have to complete a quest called “Wasted on Nukashine.” In this quest, beginning at Vault-Tec University, players will learn how to craft a Brewing Station from a robot called Biv, according to VG247.

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If you allow your character to overindulge, they will gain a hangover debuff, but each drink will offer different boosts of their own. As well as beer and moonshine, players will also be able to make wine, cocktails, and other spirits. Just like in real life, some drinks will take longer to ferment. Players will be able to speed up the process through the use of another station, the Fermenter, which can be placed at your C.A.M.P alongside the Brewing Station.

Some drinks, such as Firecracker Whiskey, will gain more powerful effects if allowed to age. Drinking said whiskey when fresh will set you on fire when you use melee attacks, damaging you and your enemies. If allowed to age to a vintage state, it will set enemies on fire with your melee and ranged attacks. The Hoppy Hunter beer will give you increased scope stability and damage against animals, while reducing VATS accuracy. Unlike whiskey, beer should be consumed fresh, and does not gain any vintage effect.

Mixed drinks, such as the Tick Blood Tequila Sunrise do not require fermentation either. This drink makes each successful melee attack of yours have a chance to give you a disease. It does, however, also have a chance to refill your hunger meter.

Prior to its launch, posters on Reddit were speculating as to whether alcohol would be a tradable resource, and finally, their hopes have been realized. Drinks have been prominently featured in previous Fallout games as lootable resources, and allowing players to make their own is a logical step. This is particularly true given the Appalachia region’s history of making the potent drink moonshine. It is believed to have stemmed from Scots-Irish immigrants from what is now Northern Ireland, who made a drink called “uisce beatha.”

A (relatively minor) example of Fallout 76's bugs. Via: htxt.co.za

Upon its release, Fallout 76 was met with an overwhelmingly negative reception. It was criticized for its bugs, poor performance, and half-baked quests. If the new update goes any way towards fixing the game’s many faults, a resurgence in its popularity is possible, if somewhat unlikely.

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