Brooklyn 99's SDCC Panel May Be Somber After Loss Of Series' Breakout Star

Next weekend, Brooklyn Nine-Nine will have its own panel at San Diego Comic-Con, but the loss of one of the show's brightest stars will be on everyone's mind.

Last year, we thought we had lost Brooklyn Nine-Nine when Fox announced that it would not be renewing the show for a new season. Fans and experts alike were baffled by the decision since the show's popularity hadn't appeared to dip whatsoever. Thankfully, we only had to live in a world where Brooklyn Nine-Nine had been canceled for 24 hours.

That's because the show's original home, NBC, came to the rescue. The network took Brooklyn Nine-Nine off of Fox's hands and saved the day, assuring fans that there would indeed be a new season and more Jake, Amy, and Captain Holt. However, some sad news this week means we won't be getting more of one of the show's other characters.

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Cheddar, Holt's beloved Corgi, has passed away. It was revealed by Cheddar's owners via Instagram that the pup has sadly crossed the rainbow bridge. Stewart, the corgi's real name, was 13 years old and it sounds like he had the best last day he could have possibly had before being put to sleep. His last day included a trip to the beach and In-N-Out burgers.

While Cheddar was portrayed by a number of corgis on the show, Stewart was the dog fans saw during the lion share of the pup's scenes. He was the ring bearer at Jake and Amy's wedding, the helper during the Halloween Heist when a championship belt was up for grabs, and certainly "no common b***h" in the eyes of Captain Holt, and the rest of us for that matter.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine will host a panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday, July 20, 2019. While it will naturally feature information about the future of the show, we are assuming (and hoping) that it will also act as a tribute to Cheddar. As you can see from the compilation above, there is plenty of footage of the Corgi from the show to put together a tribute video.

RIP Cheddar/Stewart, Brooklyn Nine-Nine won't be the same without you.

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