Bruncheons & Dragons Is Now A Thing, So You Don't Have To Choose Between Sunday Plans

Finding time to meet up for tabletop RPGs is tough. Many more campaigns of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) have failed due to scheduling conflicts than to any in-game challenge. But now, one new solution to this problem has appeared in the form of a mash-up of brunch and D&D known as Bruncheons & Dragons.

An Atlanta, GA, sports bar called, Diesel Filling Station, will be hosting “Bruncheons & Dragons: Summer In Hell,” a meal described by the event’s Facebook page as, “Ancient breakfromancers delved too deeply into forbidden culinary lore. Through their unholy alchemy a new meal was created - a mysterious hybrid, neither breakfast nor lunch.”

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The event is in partnership between the Pabst Blue Ribbon beer company, ATL D&D, and Diesel Filling Station. ATL D&D will provide the Dungeon Masters and some pre-made character sheets for novice role players. Diesel Filling Station will provide the venue and Pabst will provide sponsorship. For a $10 cover charge, attendees of the brunch are treated to a session of role-playing administered by a house provided Dungeon Master alongside all the fixings of a brunch meal.

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Bruncheons & Dragons is the latest example of a growing trend of specialized event venues in tabletop gaming. In the past, tabletop gamers needed to either host events in their own homes, at a local game shop, or other locales such as libraries. Many of these options were less than ideal to begin with, as not everyone who volunteers to host game night do the best job when the time comes. Additionally, libraries and game shops are not always the most welcoming spaces. As fewer and fewer people find themselves in possession of a home with enough space to host a gathering, and as more and more brick and mortar games shops close down, restaurants, bars, and cafes are stepping in to provide the spaces needed for gaming face to face.

Game Haüs Cafe and The Dragon & Meeple in Los Angeles, CA, Hex & Co. in New York, NY, and dozens more venues across the US are catering directly to tabletop gamers' needs every day of the week. Traditionally-minded venues like Diesel Filling Station are mixing in events for tabletop players to their regular calendars of sporting events, open mic nights, and live music.

Bruncheons & Dragons will be held on Sunday, August 4, 2019, at Diesel Filling Station, 870 North Highland Ave. NE, Atanta, GA 30306. Event tickets are available on Eventbrite

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