Bryan Cranston Would Be Brilliant As Uncharted's Sully - So Just Confirm It Already

Bryan Cranston, of Breaking Bad fame, may be starring in the upcoming Uncharted movie, where he would seamlessly fit the shoes of Victor Sullivan.

With Sony's Uncharted movie on the way for a 2020 release, all eyes are on it to deliver fans a solid video game action movie experience. Given that the Uncharted series had, for all intents and purposes, been based on action movies, it makes sense for the series to finally hit the silver screen, with an original plot and Tom Holland set to play Nathan Drake. There is room for promise as it stands, and something that currently provides further promise is the rumor that Bryan Cranston will be starring in the movie. The caveat is that we don't know who he's set to play—but it definitely should be Sully.

Bryan Cranston Through The Years

Bryan Cranston has truly come into his own in recent years. Until the 2000s, Cranston generally had relatively minor roles, including that of a Power Rangers villain and Dr. Tim Whatley in Seinfeld. While entertaining, one is less concerned with which actor is portraying those roles and more concerned about the overall plot and its progression.

One of Cranston's first big gigs was that of the eccentric father from Malcolm in the Middle. In this role, Cranston was able to show off his comedic chops and talent while taking on the role of a father. He would have trouble being taken seriously in many scenarios, but he was nonetheless a father and will forever be among the plethora of great sitcom dads presented to viewers throughout the decades.

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And, of course, there was Breaking Bad. Cranston has performed in some great movies/plays/series since. Argo was a particularly fantastic film and his performance in 2014's Godzilla was one of the highlights of the movie. However, the part that arguably landed him these roles was his turn as Walter White, the chemistry teacher who takes to cooking meth as a way to make ends meet (and then some) as a means of affording his cancer treatment and other expenses. As viewers know, Heisenberg often went above and beyond simply cooking meth on his rise to drug kingpin.

Ultimately, the premise was ridiculous, but Cranston's performance launched this, somehow, into the realm of believability. That, in and of itself, was quite an achievement.

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Uncharted And Cranston

With regards to the Uncharted film, the fact that Cranston is in it, or may be in it, provides great promise for it. Video game movies, with few exceptions, haven't always earned a standing as "classic." Detective Pikachu stands as an exception this rule, but, conversely, movies like the Tomb Raider movies haven't been so well-received. Unfortunately, the Uncharted franchise is more closely aligned with the Tomb Raider series than the Pokémon series, so hopefully, the Uncharted film doesn't suffer from the same critical reception that the Tomb Raider films did.

Given this factor, the Uncharted movie is happening nonetheless, with Tom Holland as a younger Nathan Drake. The movie is in development right now, with 10 Cloverfield Lane's director at the helm. In other words, there's no stopping it for anyone outraged by the possibility of a film that could ruin one of their favorite franchises. Yet, Bryan Cranston's appearance as Victor Sullivan, also known as Sully, or some other equally important character could actually save the film from collapsing into silly hijinx between Drake and his crew.

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A Natural Sully Type

Cranston has played the father and mentor types before. In Malcolm in the Middle, he was often a buffoon, but he was nonetheless a father. In Breaking Bad, he portrayed a father yet again, but he also portrayed a true mentor. One could argue he was not teaching the right lessons exactly, but he was offering guidance and discipline to an otherwise unrestricted character. Only, in Jesse Pinkman's case, he didn't ruthlessly murder everyone in sight in his pursuit of riches.

Sully is a naturally calm and easygoing character who typically remains collected through his and Nathan's adventures. In Cranston's display of his acting range, he has often shown instances of psychopathy, but he can believably keep his cool, the latter of which is integral to Sully's character. Cranston also gives off the vibe that he is experienced and weathered, which Sully exudes by default. By most criteria, Cranston would truly be a great Sully.

Will It Happen?

While Bryan Cranston has been rumored to be in the movie, he may not be starring as Sully according to the film's director. As such, the likelihood of his stepping into the shoes of Sully isn't exactly high, but given that he fulfills the aforementioned criteria and has some serious acting chops, an announcement of Cranston starring as Sully wouldn't be surprising, and it would be incredibly exciting. Hopefully, there will be confirmation in the coming months.

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Cranston is now a very celebrated actor. Breaking Bad turned the man into an A-lister, and his prospective role in the Uncharted movie is hugely exciting. Frankly, it would actually come as a surprise if Cranston didn't end up playing Sully, as he is perfect for the role. He fits the father figure profile to a near tee, even if his role as Walter White doesn't suggest he'd be a great father, though Sully wasn't always the best mentor to Drake either as he occasionally pushed Drake to fulfill some of his worst inclinations. Or, if he plays a villain, he could at least shave his head. And grow a goatee. And wear glasses. Please just announce he's starring as Sully, Sony.

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