No One Asked For This: Bubsy Is Back, And Coming To The Switch In April

After returning to platforms in 2017 in The Woolies Strike Back, Bubsy the bobcat is getting a new installment titled, Paws on Fire.

Bubsy is back, whether we want him or not. After returning to platforms in 2017 in The Woolies Strike Back, the bobcat is getting a new installment titled, Paws on Fire.

There are a few things to unpack here. Not only is Accolade hyping the core game, but this trailer serves as marketing for DLC. The Kickstarter page is live, where you can donate to support downloadable content for the title. There will, of course, be perks for contributing. For example, donating $20 will give you access to the game digitally on Steam, PS4, or Switch. Donating $50 will get you a limited edition PS4 physical copy, along with other perks. All of this money would go to future content, such as a new world, boss, a new playable character, and perhaps most importantly, more dialogue for Bubsy. It should be noted that some of these things may be sold later as premium DLC, according to the page.

So, what about the actual game? Paws on Fire is already looking to be a massive improvement over The Woolies Strike Back. The 2017 game was one of the lowest rated games that year on Metacritic, with a score of 45. The two core problems were its length and the platforming. The Woolies Strike Back was short; the popular site How Long to Beat averages the length as under 90 minutes. The platforming paled in comparison to Super Mario Odyssey and Sonic Mania, two notable games that year. There have been many great side-scrolling platform games in recent years, such as Shovel Knight and Shantae: Half Genie Hero, making it inexcusable for The Woolies Strike Back to be nothing remotely special.

Via youtube.com - Accolade Game

Paws on Fire is already fixing the length problem. According to the game's description, it will have over 100 levels. Assuming these levels aren't just a minute each, that's a big improvement. They will likely be at least medium length, because the original announcement trailer shows checkpoints within the stages. Although we won't know how good the platforming is until release, what is shown in the trailers is promising. There is standard side-scrolling, and what looks to be incredibly fun shooting sections. Plus, there will be other playable characters with different abilities. If the stages are designed well, this could be Bubsy's true revival.

Bubsy: Paws on Fire is being developed by Choice Provisions, and will be released in April for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC. As stated earlier, there will be a limited PS4 physical edition (that also comes with a soundtrack CD) for those who donate $50 or more to the Kickstarter campaign.

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