Build Your Own Playstation Classic Console In These 10 Steps

Build your own Playstation Classic console with this handy guide. All you need is a computer, controller, and this list.

The PlayStation Classic has gone down in price since its release for a number of reasons. It's a little pricey for a bunch of old games and the catalog of games might not be everyone's cup of tea. The biggest thing, though, is that many people savvy with computers figured out they can easily construct their own Playstation Classic without spending money on an ultimately disappointing product.

But for those of us who aren't as computer savvy, it might feel overwhelming. It might feel too complicated to make your own PlayStation Classic -- or, at the very least, too difficult for you to handle. Not to worry. There are several ways to easily make a PlayStation Classic without spending much (if any) money. Especially if you follow these easy steps.

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10 Get A Computer

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The truth is any computer should do. It can be your laptop, desktop -- whatever. There are only a few core requirements you need. The first is that you need to have a hard-drive and graphics card. Most modern computers can handle the graphics capacity of a PlayStation game, so this shouldn't be too difficult.

But the most important thing is to have an HDMI port -- or some way to transfer what's on your laptop to a television. Most blu-ray players and gaming consoles have this, so, if you have one of those, just use that cable.

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9 Get A Playstation Controller

It is fairly easy to get a USB controller, and there are many designed to replicate the original Playstation Classic dual-shock controller. Just plug it into your laptop, and -- there you are.

There will be another step with this controller that will become relevant later, but, in order for that to make sense, you first need to get yourself a controller

8 Download An Emulator

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PlayStation emulators are fairly common and plentiful in number. The following instructions will be universal regardless of which emulator you download. However, it will be important to download this onto your computer.

Furthermore, when downloading, look up common bugs and fixes for said bugs online. Many emulators do have minor graphical bugs or issues that will crop up. However, since you're looking to do this on the cheap, this should be expected.

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7 Download Roms

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This is where creativity comes in. The PlayStation Classic is nothing more than a computer with a few Playstation PAL Roms downloaded onto it. You can do the same thing for free on your own.

The best part is you can download any Playstation Classic game. Upset that only Final Fantasy VII made it on the PS Classic? Download a Final Fantasy IX rom. Add some Silent Hill stuff in. Spider-Man for the PS1? Download it! You can update and expand your roster of games rather than remain stifled with whatever Sony decided to ship with the PlayStation Classic.

6 Configure Controller

Plug in your Playstation Classic controller into your computer, and configure the controls. Make sure each button is configured to the right button pressed.

This is important, as it will ensure you have an authentic experience while playing the games by properly mapping the buttons to their right counterparts. It's a simple little step that goes a long way.

5 Plug In Computer To TV

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The television set will be linked to your computer via HDMI cable. This will allow HD-level graphics to transfer from your computer to the television.

Many emulators are capable of upscaling the graphics capabilities of their Roms, meaning, potentially, that your home-made PlayStation Classic will have superior graphic capabilities -- or, at least, superior to the version sold in stores.

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4 Extra: Model A Playstation Classic

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This is for those of you who are feeling very extra. You can take your laptop or computer, and insert it into a classic looking mold of a PlayStation in order to further experience '90s nostalgia.

This is extra, and I really wouldn't even recommend doing it unless you are into arts and crafts. If you want to go the extra step, try to make a shell to slide your computer into before playing. This is easier if your computer is a tablet that can hook up to an HDMI cable, but bulkier systems? No. Not worth the trouble.

3 Close Off Other Applications. Full-Screen The Emulator

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It can be very easy to forget that you're playing a PlayStation when other applications on your system keep popping up to draw your attention away. In the event you want to fully immerse yourself in the PlayStation life, just close everything else off.

But more than that, full-screen the emulator. Make sure that nothing else -- not even your explorer bar -- distracts you from your game.

2 Load A Game


Open up a game. You should have all your Roms in the same folder to make it more convenient to access the games.

Before starting, it is recommended to load the games up on your computer at least once, to make sure any extra configurations are fixed. Some games require minor system adjustments. If you want to jump in and play the game, you might want to do this before plugging in the game so you don't have to worry about play time being interrupted.

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1 Have Fun

And there you are. You have a PlayStation Classic, and the most money you spent was on a USB Controller or HDMI Cable, depending on if you had either of those previously.

At the end of the day, it is important to remember that gaming is a culture that reflects on the beloved games of yesteryear. The PlayStation Classic failed to offer many a satisfying experience of nostalgia. Therefore, even if you pay the money, you won't walk away with the true, authentic feeling of the PlayStation Classic. It is imperative, therefore, that we take matters into our own hands.

You can download all the core Roms included on the PlayStation Classic, but, considering you have a superior system, you are not limited to it. Sure, download the PAL roms if you want, or you can download better versions. Do your homework on what emulator you download. Get the games you want to play.

But, ultimately, have fun with your homemade PlayStation Classic.

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