Build Your Own Salt-Powered Controller Mod And Rage Quit The Way You're Meant To

A DIY controller Youtuber made a controller mod that will automatically quit a game for you once you add both metaphorical and actual salt.

A video for a DIY controller mod demonstrates how the device can be used to rage quit your games by adding a healthy dose of salt to a glass of water connected to your controller. The creator, Insert Controller Here, created a how-to video so you can make the mod yourself.

Insert Controller Here is a Youtuber known for designing unique (and useless) controller mods for Super Smash Brothers, but his newest creation stands out as a legitimately brilliant device.

After suffering a particularly embarrassing defeat, the mod makes rage quitting as simple as dumping a heap of salt (almost as much salt as is currently coursing through your veins) into a specially designed container of water.

The technology behind how it works takes a bit of chemistry knowledge: the cup is filled with distilled water and attached to a micro controller, when you add salt, the resistance in the water decreases. The controller detects the change in resistance, and a signal is sent to the controller to input the sequence to quit whichever game you are playing.

In the video, he demonstrates how the mod can be programmed to quit Smash Bros, Overwatchand, League of Legendsbut any game that supports controllers can be programmed to rage quit. This mod truly opens the door for next level BM'ing and absurd toxicity!

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The creator has a whole host of tongue-in-cheek controller mods designed to shame some of the most deplorable behaviors of Smash players. For example, one of his most recent projects was to create a controller with only one button and embed it in a can of Spam. He explains that the controller "features the only button you need to effectively play Ness online." Another custom controller, designed for Isabelle, replaces the traditional controller with a fishing rod, complete with acceleramotors for motion controls.

Custom controllers have long been a source of challenge and spectacle on Youtube, the most popular of which being creator Rudeism, who has been creating custom Overwatch controllers since the game launched. There is also the well known challenge of beating Dark Souls games using Guitar Hero controllers and Dance Dance Revolution dance pads. Some men just want to watch the world burn.

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