Bulletstorm Developer Wants To Make A Sequel

People Can Fly, the people who created Bulletstorm, are considering a Bulletstorm 2.

People Can Fly, the people who created Bulletstorm, are considering a Bulletstorm 2.

The title, released in 2011, got a remaster two years ago and is coming out for the Nintendo Switch this August. But a sequel could someday be on the way, although there are no immediate plans to have it made.

Eurogamer's Robert Purchese learned as much during a phone conversation with People Can Fly CEO, Sebastian Wojciechowski, who insists that they want the IP to have a "second life."

"We are, as you can see [with the remaster and the Switch version], still holding this IP deep in our hearts," Wojciechowski revealed. "We want this IP to have its second life. We're still not sure what that means but obviously since this is our IP - we own the IP - and the IP is known and has its fans, we would like to do something about it.

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"There are no immediate plans to come back to this IP, taking into consideration our current effort on Outriders, but if we think about PCF in the longer-run, then obviously it would be awesome to come back to this IP."

The CEO explained that the company will need to figure out how to make a sequel that will bring in more fans than the first version of the game had.

"We just need to think about how to make sure the audience will be bigger than [Bulletstorm 1's]," he continued, "and that's something we would need to work a bit more on going forward with this IP.

"If... ​we decide to ever come back to it!"

At the moment, People Can Fly developers are working on Outriders for Square Enix, with 220 of them spread across Poland, the UK, and the US plugging away. If outsourced help is counted, then the number is around 300-350, per Wojciechowski.

People Can Fly actually pitched the idea for the game but Square Enix owns the IP, which it considers to be its "most important new IP".

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