New Bully 2 Leak Says Map Will Be As Big As GTA V's, Including Jimmy's College Campus

Despite Rockstar continuing to keep quiet about its next project, rumors about what it might be and what it could include continue to circulate.

Rockstar Games prides itself on taking time over its titles and going into an incredible amount of detail. That's why its releases are often few and far between. Last year, Rockstar hit us with Red Dead Redemption 2. However, despite less than 12 months having passed since it hit store shelves, gamers are convinced that Rockstar is on the cusp of announcing another big game.

For the most part, Rockstar fans are waiting with bated breath for the developer to reveal that it is hard at work on Grand Theft Auto VI. We've heard everything about the hypothetical game, from it taking place across multiple cities, to the franchise welcoming a female protagonist for the first time. However, there is every possibility that Rockstar could hark back to one of its older titles for its next project.

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The latest rumors, courtesy of RespawnFirst, would certainly suggest that to be the case. A source told the site a few supposed details about Bully 2. It has been more than 12 years since the critically acclaimed Bully was released, so we are long overdue a sequel. The latest rumors suggest that should the game come to fruition, it will have a similar sized map to GTA V and its lead character Jimmy Hopkins is now a college student.

via DarkStation

The massive map will allegedly not only include Hopkins' college campus, but also an entire city and forest to explore. Plus, you won't need to rely on a bicycle to get around since Jimmy will now be old enough to drive a car. As for the game's storyline, there are currently no rumors as to what that might comprise.

Rockstar is synonymous with GTA, and Red Dead is in a solid second place following the success of RDR2. Many people forget just how good Bully was. In fact, 12 years on from its release, there's an entire generation of gamers that might not even know about it. That makes the not so distant future the best time to develop and release Bully 2. For now though, all we have to hang our hats on are rumors like the ones above.

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