Bully 2 Leaks Are Fake, Admits Artist

A series of leaked Bully 2 screenshots showing maps turned out to be fake, and the leaker himself admitted creating them.

It turns out a series of "leaked" Bully 2 screenshots are a hoax after all. A fan artist created maps and even 3D-modeled environments based on what he thought Bully 2 could look like. Then he released them to the internet, claiming them to be leaks from an in-development copy of the game. Savvy Redditors questioned the integrity of his maps, and now he's come out to admit that he indeed faked them.

The leaker in question is Felipe Borges. However, his name was relatively unknown before he was caught. Instead, most Rockstar fans saw his fake leaks through Reddit or SWEGTA, a Rockstar-focused Youtuber. SWEGTA shared the leaked images of what looked to be Bully 2's map. To his credit, he remained skeptical, but also found them worth sharing.

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Even we ended up reporting on these supposed leaks. Meanwhile, Bully fan subreddits discussed them in depth. Many criticized them for inconsistent elements. The common defense of many who believed in the leaks was that it would simply take too much time to fake them. Who would put in so much work just to trick some people on the internet? Apparently this guy would.

In a tweet tagging TheGamer, SWEGTA, Rockstar Intel, and other gaming sites/Youtubers that reported on his leaks, Borges admitted that all of the maps were his work. He apologized to the community at large and called it a concept that went too far.

Some accepted his apology and even complimented his artistic skills. His concepts were good enough to fool people into spreading his work as legitimate leaks, and some see that as a sign of talent. Others were less generous, calling Borges out for using his apology to share more of his work. If he was truly sorry, they say, he wouldn't be sharing more art with prominently placed tags to his social media. Whatever side you fall on, there's disappointment in the fact that we're no closer to an official Bully 2 reveal.

All of this leak business only sheds more light on the lack of Bully 2. Rockstar really should do something about that.

Source: Twitter

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