With Major Ban Wave, Bungie Cracks Down On Destiny 2 Cheaters

Cheating has become quite prevalent in the gaming community in recent times and it's no surprise given the rise of the multiplayer model over recent years. As much as it is frowned upon, it is still widely practiced by gamers who simply refuse to put in the work and get better.

Developers have been working round the clock to crack down on those who would manipulate their games to get an unfair advantage over other players and the fight against cheating is becoming more sophisticated by the day.

Bungie has taken such steps recently, having announced "a wave of bans" in the wake of the launching of Destiny 2's latest expansion, accompanied by an urge to play fair.

"Our Security Team has taken action today and issued a wave of bans targeted at players attempting to use aiming cheat tools," Bungie tweeted following Shadowkeep's release last week. "Keep it clean."

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The devs did not say exactly how many players have been banned but gamers who have been victims of cheating will appreciate the move. The use of aimbots has made life pretty difficult for others and they should feel particularly pleased given Bungie's attempt to make their PvP avenue a more level playing field. Although they've announced a ban, the devs are still asking players to report anyone they suspect to be using unfair means to gain an advantage.

The ban comes at a crucial time for Bungie, with the creators trying to get many more players on board by releasing a free-to-play version of the game called New Light. This specifically targets new players and gives them access to a whole lot of content without them having to spend any money.

The devs don't want players to have any reasons to withdraw from playing as the ultimate aim is to get new fans to purchase their paid content - in this case, Shadowkeep. And they will likely remain on the hunt for anyone breaking the rules and using aimbots to make them appear to be better shooters.

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