Bungie Hires Top Destiny 2 PvP Player As Consultant To Help With Crucible

A lucky Destiny 2 PvP player - well, more good than lucky - has landed himself a consulting job with Bungie as the studio looks to improve its Crucible mode.

Destiny 2 has admittedly come a long way following a release that was extremely underwhelming, to say the least. The improvement comes off the back of the introduction of the Forsaken expansion; but a multitude of bug fixes, updates and the integration of fresh content has earned the title's second installment most of the respect garnered by the first.

Despite all of the upgrades, the game's Crucible mode could be considered its least appealing section and the one requiring the most work, so much so that there have been rumors claiming that Bungie could be looking to do away with PvP altogether.

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Per a post in the Discord channel, however, the studio has likely made a move to rebuff the claims by hiring a top Destiny 2 PvP player known as "Change" from the "BombSquadKittens" to help with the Crucible's development (h/t Reddit).

The post is said to be a minimum six-month consulting role which prevents Change from appearing on Twitch or any other forums via a non-disclosure agreement and various contractual obligations.

Destiny 2's updates have been more focused on Gambit, bug fixes and PvE content, The Revelry, for example. The Crucible has seen a bit of a rise in activity since rumors regarding its future began swirling. Players, perhaps for fear that Destiny 3 won't have a Crucible mode, have somewhat returned to the game's PvP to get some action on while they still can.

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Bungie has been made aware of the rumors and broke protocol to assure fans that the mode remains a key part of the Destiny franchise and that their devs will continue working on it for current and future games.

The studio also recently revealed that the hand cannons which have been dominating PvP play for a long time will be nerfed in an upcoming update. The Luna's Howl and Not Forgotten aren't going to be as powerful when the Season of Opulence kicks off in June given that they've basically forced most other weapons out of the Crucible as they're way stronger.

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