Bungie Raises $400,000 In Just Four Hours During Destiny Charity Stream

The developers of the popular live service game Destiny 2 raised over $400,000 in just under four hours on Thursday during an event for charity. The stream took place on the 2019 GuardianCon Charity Marathon Stream and all of the donations will benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

GuardianCon, formerly Destiny Community Con, is a fan convention held in Florida each year. Now in its fifth year, the convention has grown from a fan meetup for streamers KingGothalion and Professor Broman into an enormous charity event streamed live on Twitch. With a goal of $3 million dollars to raise, the $400,000 Bungie brought in has made a significant dent in that total.

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During the Bungie time slot of the event the developers offered tiered rewards to viewers who wished to donate.  A $5 donation would reward you with a code for an in-game emblem, $100 was worth a chance to win a signed copy of the Destiny 2 collectors edition, including the upcoming expansion Shadowkeep, and if you really wanted a tax write off, $5,000 would get you a tour of Bungie's studio.

The live stream marathon began this past Sunday at noon and will conclude this Sunday with a DrLupo time block from 8:00am until noon. Currently, the marathon has brought in $2,374,525 for charity, so it is safe to say they will easily smash past their $3 million goal as we head into the weekend. The convention has managed to double their donations every year, beginning in 2015 when they raised $544,000 for St. Jude's. Other popular streamers for the marathon include King Richard, Tfue, and Bahroo.

Destiny isn't the only game featured at the convention, despite being the original focus of the event and it's namesake (guardians are the player characters and immortal defenders of The Traveler in Destiny). There is also The Hunt, a Borderlands 2 scavenger hunt held for a week during the expo that also benefits St. Jude's.

It's a better time than ever to be a Destiny fan. With their recent split from Activision, updates to the Eververse incoming, and a major expansion in September, Destiny appears primed and ready to continue gobbling up all of our free time. And, if you were curious about Google's upcoming platform Stadia, you can pre-order the Founder's Edition and score a free copy of all the Destiny 2 content, including the upcoming expansion Shadowkeep.

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