Bungie Reveals World's First Jacket For Garden Of Salvation

Following their usual pattern of rewarding players for clearing new raid content quickly in Destiny 2, Bungie has revealed several items that can be purchased if players complete certain objectives in Shadowkeep by October 15.

In a recent blog post, Bungie wrote that players who clear the “Garden of Salvation” raid and claims the required code before the reset of October 15 will gain the opportunity to purchase the corresponding raid jacket through Bungie Rewards. This gives players a total of two weeks to jump into the new expansion on October 1, and sufficiently prepare themselves for what lies within.

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Via: bungie.net

Unlike other raid releases, Bungie writes that this time, “We are giving you some extra time to Power up this time. We know many of you don’t enjoy rushing through content, so even if you aren’t ready to take on the raid before 10/15, any player who completes “Garden of Salvation” during Season of the Undying will be eligible to purchase a special raid T-shirt through Bungie Rewards.”

Via: bungie.net

Of course, since the t-shirt has spoilers for what lies ahead, there is no preview for what it might look like at this time. Beyond these two rewards, players will also be able to grab a free Eris Morn papercraft mask simply by finishing the Shadowkeep quest line by the end of season 8, which should last ten weeks after the October 1 launch.

Previous rewards have been similar in style. In September of 2018, players who completed the Last Wish raid could purchase the Last Wish jacket, featured in the center. Completing the Scourge of the Past raid in December of 2018 granted access to the jacket on the left, and finally, defeating the Crown of Sorrow raid allowed for purchase of the jacket on the right.

Via: bungie.net

Players who are eager to jump into the race will have an easier time achieving this goal compared to before. Previously there was a significant advantage to playing as much as possible prior to the release of new content to maximize the power level of a character, and every little bit could make the difference between a world first clear, and anything that came after.

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Recently however, Bungie has been doing things a little differently. In June they announced that the race for the world first clear in the Crown of Sorrow raid would come with a restriction on character power levels. No matter how high one leveled their guardian, their power would be limited in the first fight to 700, and up to 720 for the last fight.

When Shadowkeep launches today, all players will have their power levels placed at 750, so grinding levels right now solely for additional power is unnecessary. Everyone will be on the same footing, and it should make the goal of clearing the “Garden of Salvation” more manageable.

Now is a great time to jump back into Destiny 2, as a former player or even a new one. Be sure to check out our full guide on everything you need to know!

Source: bungie.net

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