15 Burger King Collectibles That Are Worth A Fortune (And 15 That Are Too Embarrassing)

When most kids of a certain age think back on the “good old days” of fast food (if such an era ever even existed) they hold fond memories of receiving toys with their fun-sized burgers and fries.

While McDonald’s seems to have the stranglehold on most of the public consciousness regarding Happy Meal Toys, Burger King and their so-called Kids Club had a legendary selection of toys as well; some of which even greater than what the Golden Arches could muster. In an even better turn of events, Burger King toys have also developed a lucrative market for adult collectors longing to complete their collections.

We set out to find the Burger King toys worth the most amount of money, and we found an awesome assemblage. At the same time, however, we have also found a whole gamut of embarrassingly awful Kid’s Meal toys that aren’t worth anything more than a hefty dose of shame.

We’ve compiled both ends of the spectrum for the 15 Burger King Collectibles That Are Worth A Fortune (And 15 That Are Too Embarrassing). This way, you'll know for sure what you should (or shouldn’t) be looking for as you dig through old boxes of long-lost toys in hopes of striking gold.

If you are looking to sell, keep in mind that the highest prices are often only for complete sets that are still sealed and untainted within their bags.

To kick things off, let’s meet up with some old friends:

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30 Fortune: Toy Story 1 And 2

via: youtube.com/FastFoodToyReviews

With Toy Story 4 around the corner, we've found ourselves with Toy Story on the brain.

Inarguably one of the greatest (and consistent) film trios of all time, the stellar series about what toys do when their owners aren’t around has touched millions of hearts across the globe.

With that in mind, no one should be surprised to read that the first two film's Burger King toys are worth some decent moolah.

No, that’s not a snake in your boots, it’s $45.

Better scoop it up before One-Eyed Bart steals it.

29 Embarrassing: Burger King Kids Club Bug Riders

via: youtube.com

The ultra-hip and painfully-90s boomers, I.Q., J.D., Lingo, Snaps, Wheels, Jazz and their epic leader, Kid Vid, were all members of Burger King’s “Kids Club.” They acted as child-friendly mascots for the anti-Happy Meal.

This group would receive quite a few toy sets during their tenure, and while most of which were pretty darn cool, they also had their share of misfires. The bug-riding variant was definitely one of them.

Compared to other offerings, these cheap-looking and barely-functional toys were not only weird to look at, but not that fun to play with.

28 Fortune: Scooby Doo Glow-In-The-Dark

via: worthpoint.com

The question “Scooby Doo, where are you!?” has been asked for decades, and there was a very specific moment in time where a completely reasonable answer was “immortalized in plastic at Burger King.”

These Scooby Doo toys were surprisingly well-detailed, solid and articulated.

Heck, they could even glow in the dark, which is always decisively cool.

Even better, is that the set is worth $47 dollars, which ain’t too bad for a bumbling pup and a few mystery-solving teenagers.

27 Embarrassing: Furby

via: amazon.com

No matter which incarnation of these abominations you come across, they’re creepy. They’ve always been creepy and they always will be creepy. Even though the Burger King versions of these awful little things don’t come to life like their toy store counterparts, they’re still creepy.

To consider the idea that this brand was once a hot item is chilling, but it’s no wonder Burger King tried to capitalize on them.

There were one hundred of these beasts. One. Hundred.

While the “collect them all” idea was interesting, it wasn’t enough to negate the terror.

26 Fortune: Universal Monsters

via: youtube.com/FastFoodToyReviews

Now, these guys are something special! Based on the iconic menagerie of monsters from some of Universal’s most classic films, Burger King went above and beyond with these toys.

All of them are excellently detailed and articulated. Their features and props are genuinely impressive, considering they are nothing but distractions for kids eating a Burger King Kids Meal.

Heck, the Creature from the Black Lagoon can even shoot out water!

If you have the whole set, you can scare up a total of $50 hard cash.

25 Embarrassing: Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer

via: youtube.com

Oh, goodness gracious, where to start?

It’s really no surprise that something related to Rise of the Silver Surface is awful.

The film was one of the larger superhero-related flops, and it sunk the franchise for what seemed like ages until the next Fantastic Four film sunk it again.

The toys themselves seem like they could possibly be fun to play with, but whose decision was it to hideously mutate the majority of the (already-mutated, mind you) cast with disproportionate limbs?

24 Fortune: The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring

via: jojoretro.weebly.com

In the strange time before the Lord of the Rings films became a worldwide phenomenon, Burger King released a toy collection based on the upcoming Fellowship of the Ring, featuring many of the characters.

They were essentially detailed statues mounted on a One Ring base, which if pressed, would utter a sound-clip from the movie. Sadly, the audio isn’t that clear or audible, but that doesn't matter if you own the full set.

If you’ve got the full Fellowship, you can score $60 or more by selling them.

23 Embarrassing: Beetlejuice

via: youtube.com

Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice is one of the most iconic and legitimately bizarre all-time classics in the world of film.

Explaining this film to someone who has never seen it would probably make them think you were totally off your rocker as you went on about human exorcists, afterlife waiting rooms, Michael Keaton, and so on.

Regardless, the film was popular enough for a cartoon spin-off (for some reason).

Alas, the Burger King toys (incredibly cheesy finger puppets) based on said cartoon left much to be desired.

22 Fortune: Pokémon 2000 Cards

via: sodagame.com

While Pokémon is still popular, it’s nothing compared to the "Pokémania" following years after its debut, where even the Beatles would have been beaten into submission.

By the time Pokémon 2000 arrived in theaters, the hype was at a maximum. Although the craze would drop off shortly afterward, the demand for Burger King’s Pokémon 2000 tie-in cards was still hefty, and continues even today.

The full set of these somewhat-animated collectible cards is worth a cool $60.

While they aren’t all that fun, they can at least make you some money.

21 Embarrassing: Beyblade

via: collectors.com

All things aside: Beyblade was actually pretty cool, and it still kind of is. The idea of creating and customizing high-quality tops, before launching them into harsh battles of endurance against friends, produced some visceral feedback that not even the best video games could have ever hoped to conjure.

It’s unfortunate that despite the popularity of the main toys, the Burger King versions were so awful.

Based on the incredibly awkward anime, we were given pseudo-Beyblades that could easily be destroyed by a legitimate one, as well as figures of characters no one really cared about. Yay?

20 Fortune: Star Wars Episode III

via: youtube.com/FastFoodToyReviews

Is it any surprise whatsoever that a Star Wars-related item would be so intensely collectible? No, we didn’t think so.

With Episode III’s eminent debut, Burger King went all out with an awesome collection of super-deformed Star Wars toys. Best of all, they weren’t limited to prequel characters; they spanned the entire saga.

And, honestly, who didn’t want an Obi-Wan Magic 8-Ball?

Even now, years later, people still do. The whole set is worth around $60, which is not bad at all.

19 Embarrassing: The Land Before Time

via: ebay.com

The original Land Before Time is a fantastic (and heartbreaking) movie, which it genuinely gave Disney a run for its money. Sadly, the film would become a franchise with countless direct-to-video sequels that became increasingly diluted as time went on.

Accordingly, the Burger King toys based on the series were just as bad.

In all honesty, they’re still worth a relatively pretty penny, but the toys themselves were cheaply built and their wind-up gimmicks burnt out way too quick.

If you can’t play with a toy, what’s the point?

18 Fortune: Nintendo Superstars

via: youtube.com

Nintendo enjoyed some great marketing alliances with Burger King, and the company created a number of toys based on their produced properties.

Despite the generic-sounding title of "Nintendo Superstars," the line-up lived up to its name, with the likes of Donkey Kong, Mario, Yoshi, Kirby, and others, engaging in all kinds of activities.

With the whole set of Superstars, you could very well cash-in for $65.

The only problem we have with this so-called “superstar” line-up is the absence of Fox McCloud and the Star Fox team. They defeated a giant brain and demand respect.

17 Embarrassing: Shrek 2

via: youtube.com/FastFoodToyReviews

Back when the Shrek series was genuinely popular (as opposed to its recent recognition with a seemingly infinite amount of related memes), it only made sense for fast food establishments to give into the trend.

Burger King’s Shrek 2 toyline was an attempt. Keyword being “attempt,” because by golly, these are awful.

Just take one look at the model of Shrek, who is clearly imprisoned, and yet creepily smiling as he bends out of his bonds.

We apologize in advance for the nightmares.

16 Fortune: Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron

via: ranker.com

One of Dreamworks' earlier and lesser-known films (though still pretty good, if we’re being honest), Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, was about an untamed horse who eventually develops a deep friendship with a Lakota native.

Just as with other animated movies, Burger King cross-promoted with film-based toys.

If you’ve got a full, sealed set, you’re looking at $70.

Which means that you'd better start digging through your basement, looking for that one Kids Meal “horse toy” you'd never bothered to open.

15 Embarrassing: Angry Birds

via: youtube.com

In retrospect, it seems that the Angry Birds franchise was somewhat of a flash in the pan. A drawn-out flash in the pan, yes, but a flash in the pan, nonetheless.

When the long overdue (and honestly sort of unwanted) film adaptation finally came out, Burger King greeted fans with… these awful little things.

They’re hard plastic, and definitely can’t be launched like they are in the game, so there’s really no point.

At least they came with stickers.

14 Fortune: Wii U Set

via: pholder.com

The Wii U was one of Nintendo’s few failures, alongside its unlauded peers, the Virtual Boy and GameCube’s GBA adapter.

Fortunately, unlike the Virtual Boy (or the bonuses that came from using the GBA adapter), the Wii U has a small but solid line of awesome games, making it something of a collector’s item itself.

It’s fitting, therefore, that Burger King’s Wii U cross-promotion toys are just as collectible.

For a full set of the sealed toys, you could earn yourself $75.

13 Embarrassing: WWE... Things

via: pinterest.com

Ah... these monstrosities.

Apparently, meant to represent some of the WWE’s biggest Superstars, eyesores barely pass off as anything other than disgusting.

Bearing little to no resemblance to the characters on which they are based, these odd, misshapen… things… even spoke when you gave them a squeeze, adding to the already overwhelming sense of sheer body horror.

Then again, maybe we’re being too harsh. Maybe there is something cute about them that- nope, never mind. They’re horrible.

12 Fortune: Rugrats Treehouse

via: youtube.com/FastFoodToyReviews

This particular toy caused a much ire for parents and their kids, despite the cool concept.

Each toy was a piece of a giant treehouse, and which could be connected to create something akin to fully-fledged tree fortress. Unfortunately, it was difficult to get the pieces you didn’t already have, leading to the aforementioned ire.

For this reason, the toys themselves are worth a surprising amount of money.

With the full set, nicely sealed, you’re looking at a solid $90.

The price point should make up for the trauma.

11 Embarrassing: Simpsons Superheroes

via: articulo.mercadolibre.com

The Simpsons and Burger King have had tie-in toys for years. Some of them are fun, some aren’t all that great, some are worth a lot of money to collectors, and then some of them are just plain terrible.

These are that later.

Simply looking at these things boggles the mind. What could they possibly have been thinking when they approved the designs for this particular set?

These could pass for an unholy union between Mighty Beans and Play-Doh people, and we are not having it.

10 Fortune: SpongeBob: Lost In Time

via: amazon.com

The recent news about the sudden passing of SpongeBob creator, Stephen Hillenburg, sent shockwaves through the legions of fans who adored his work. We’re sure he’d be happy to know that SpongeBob is still incredibly popular, and continues to have an impact on fans both new and old.

In fact, even the Burger King toys based on the living sponge have retained their value for years.

The 2005 “Lost in Time” collection could net you up to $110 should you choose to sell it, and that’s a heck of a lot of loot for this sea creature.

9 Embarrassing: Wild, Wild West

via: ebay.com

Will Smith may have starred in some truly awesome films, such as I, Robot and Independence Day, but he has also been in his fair share of disappointments, like After Earth and Hancock or, in this particular case, Wild, Wild West.

Based on an old show of the same name, the movie bombed critically, and didn’t fare too well financially (though it did make a little more than its budget back.)

Burger King’s toy adaptations weren’t all that much better, and failed to generate much enthusiasm for the flopping film.

8 Fortune: The Little Mermaid Glass

via: bracketsmackdown.com

The Little Mermaid was the opening salvo of the Disney Renaissance, and a direct hit. Critics loved it, moviegoers loved it, and now, years later, people everywhere still love it.

It’s likely that this overwhelming love is responsible for amping up the asking price for this Burger King collector’s glass, which is an astounding $110.

If you’ve still got this in your collection, you can cash it in and probably buy up Ariel’s entire collection of whozits and whatzits galore.

7 Embarrassing: Twilight: Eclipse

via: twilightfamily1.blogspot.com

Sometimes, we just try to pretend that the Twilight series doesn’t exist. It works most of the time, but all of that work is undone as we discuss one of Burger King's worst toys.

Considering the series’ titanic popularity, Burger King was wise to have an accompanying set of toys but, come on, these are terrible even for Twilight.

Specifically based on Twilight: Eclipse, the poor fools who received these toys were treated to creepy lockets, featuring dead-eyed Edward Cullen amidst psychedelic imagery staring back at them.


6 Fortune: The Simpsons Movie

via: youtube.com/FastFoodToyReviews

It was absolutely bonkers for the Simpsons to be getting a movie, and hype for the series was probably at the highest it had ever been (and likely ever would be) in years. Accordingly, as they had been doing for years, Burger King was quick to provide a set of promotional toys for the yellow family.

Aside from the fact that they’re well-sculpted with a decent variety of characters, the toys themselves aren’t quite that great. Still, this didn’t stop their insanely high collector value: $135!

5 Embarrassing: "The Backstreet Project"

via: kid-time.net

We’ve been dreading this moment.

Though we have absolutely nothing against the Backstreet Boys, this particular project is so astoundingly bizarre and unnecessary, that it makes us question nearly every facet of reality.

With the involvement of Stan Lee (yes, you read that correctly), the Backstreet Boys had hoped to start some sort of weird superhero mash-up comic and television show.

A few webisodes and a single comic issue were produced, but nothing else came of it… aside from these abominable figures.

4 Fortune: Gold-Plated Pokémon Cards

via: imgur.com

We've mentioned the utter chaos of Pokémania earlier in our list, but we don’t think you have a full understanding of just how prevalent the franchise was unless you were there to witness it.

If you weren’t, take a moment and to read this next sentence without losing your mind: Burger King released 24-karat gold plated Pokémon cards in life-sized Pokéballs.

If you survived reading that sentence, brace yourself for another shock: that same set of cards is worth an astounding $135.

We can’t help but wonder if the price will continue to rise.

3 Embarrassing: Toonsylvania

via picclick.com

Quick, name some classic 90s cartoon shows that Steven Spielberg helped create!

We’ve got the ever-awesome Animaniacs!, plus the charming Tiny Toons. Oh, and we can’t forget about the bonkers antics of Freakazoid! But what about Toonsylvania?

What!? You don’t remember Toonsylvania!??!

No, of course, you don’t. Why would you?

This short-lived Steven Spielberg-produced series followed the misadventures of some morbid, horror-styled characters, and it actually received its very own Burger King toy collection. Though, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who wanted it back then, let alone now.

2 Fortune: Pokémon: The First Movie

via: imgur.com

Twice on this list we’ve brought up expensive Pokémon toys from Burger King, but they were nothing compared to the original run of toys based on the first film.

These were a collection of 59 monsters that each came in their own Pokéballs, except for Mewtwo, who arrived in a giant cloning capsule, just like the movie.

These toys were beyond epic for Pokémon fans, and if you somehow “caught them all,” they are worth an absolutely whopping $325 dollars today.

No other Burger King collection has approached that amount, and we wonder if any collection ever will.

1 Embarrassing: Rosie O'Donnell Kids' Choice Awards

via: pinterest.com

After having discussed the best BK toys ever made, it’s a crime that we're closing off this article by revealing the most downright bizarre and embarrassing item that Burger King ever produced.


This is just unsettling. Sure, it’s based on the Kids' Choice Awards but, like, WHY? Why does this exist? Who had thought this would be a good idea for a children's toy?

We have no idea, and we don’t want to find out.

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