Burnout Paradise Gets The Remastered Treatment

EA officially dropped a trailer today for the remastered version of classic car-smashing racer Burnout Paradise. This version, titled Burnout Paradise Remastered, is set to launch on March 16th on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It will include all eight packs of DLC from the original game and run in crisp 4K with 60 FPS.

Fans of the original will no doubt be thrilled to experience all of the game’s content with gloriously updated visuals, but new players should be able to find something to be excited about as well. The trailer, accompanied by a very appropriate use of Guns N’ Roses, shows off the brutal crashes and breakneck speed the series is known for.

The first game was released ten years ago on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Rumors of a remastered port of Burnout Paradise go back to last month, when a Japanese Twitter account that catalogues game releases posted about a “Burnout Paradise HD Remaster” for PS4. The post only stated the tentative title and release date, but it was enough to draw the attention of savvy fans.

Now, this official announcement clarifies that the game will actually be playable on PS4 and Xbox One. Players can also take full advantage of a Playstation 4 Pro or Xbox One X to have the game run in 4K. A PC version was teased as “coming soon.” The price is set at $39.99, and players can pre-order immediately. Members of EA Access will be given a chance to sit behind the wheel as early as March 9 with a First Play Trial that gives 10 hours of unrestricted gameplay.

via: youtube.com (Electronic Arts)

Reaction on social media has been mostly positive so far, with many people thanking EA for bringing back the classic with all content included. Some critics have pointed out that the quality of the remastered graphics looks questionable. Others called out the fact that the Nintendo Switch is mysteriously absent from the list of platforms. Obviously the Switch can’t produce 4K visuals, but Burnout seems like the kind of game that would be perfect for the take-anywhere philosophy of the Switch. Perhaps with enough fan outcry a Switch version could be added later.


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