Call Of Duty 2018: 12 Rumors That Are Likely To Happen (And 8 That Aren't)

Call of Duty has been gracing our gaming consoles since 2003, and every year gamers anticipate what the next Call of Duty installment might be. This year is no different. For months there has been speculation, and rumors without much confirmation, as fans wait to see what Activision, Treyarch, or Infinity Ward have in store for us. Last year Call of Duty WWII, made a mountain of cash bringing in over $500 million just within the first three days of sales, going further, and ranking up $1 billion dollars in global sales. Making this title one of 2017’s best-sellers. The franchise has taken some heavy criticism with previous titles in the past such as, Call of Duty: Ghost, which was accused of being a copy and paste version of Modern Warfare 2.

This hasn’t stopped fans, from still being in love with the series. With anticipation for the latest installment expected toward the end of this year, and E3 only a few months away. Fans are growing a little impatient, and, of course, this comes with their own theories, some of which has come true in the past. For die-hard fans, they know the drill when it comes to the waiting game, and with casual players that stick to their favorite installments of the series. They know its more of a wait see what happens approach. Here are 20 rumors about the next Call of Duty installment, that fans are excited for, and some that are a little far-fetched.

20 Likely: Will This Year’s Title Be Called Black Ops IIII?


It’s rumored, and almost certain, that the new title in the franchise will be called Black Ops IIII. The reason for this is because NBA superstar James Harden has possibly revealed the new logo on a hat that he was wearing a few days ago on March 6, 2018. This adds fuel to the fire after a leaked GameStop listing from their database was released featuring merchandise, and pricing. Black Ops III released back in 2015. And Black Ops 2 Released in 2012. The 3-year pattern makes sense, making a new Black Ops title possible to come in 2018 making that 3-year mark. Needless to say, Black Ops has become one of the most popular series within the franchise, and fans are waiting with baited breath.

19 Too Crazy: Could James Harden Be Featured?


The idea of James Harden being featured in the next Call of Duty title isn’t too far-fetched. Call of Duty is known to have celebrity actor appearances, as they’ve done in the past from Kit Harington, to the infamous Jeff Goldblum. The fact that James Harden was sporting possible Black Ops IIII merchandise, it is possible that the NBA Star might be featured in the upcoming title as a character. With this rumor, curiosity sparked about which kind of character he might play. Would he be a hero, villain, or could it just be a cameo appearance? Fans have been pretty excited at the idea that the person who leakied the new Call of Duty new logo might actually be a character in the game itself.

18 Too Crazy: 4 Player Offline Multi-Player Split Screens


Black Ops III gave the option of playing 4-player offline split screen, but unfortunately, Call of Duty: WWII did not have this option. Fans were obviously disappointed at the removal of a critical feature like this one. Afterall, Call of Duty is so popular it would be a shame for fewer people to join in on the fun. In previous years, this option gave players the opportunity to still enjoy the game without buying Playstation Plus, or Xbox Live subscription. Those subscriptions can get quite expensive. So could it be possible that Black Ops 4 will feature this again? Could Treyarch give their fans this golden opportunity once again? The Community Reveal Event, and E3, will shed more light on this possibility of this becoming a feature.

17 Likely: Modern Warfare 2 Remaster Set For 2019


When it comes to game rumors, they can go on for years without any answers. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare remastered version is no different. The rumor mill has been fierce with this one, but Activision still hasn’t confirmed this yet. Modern Warfare 2 is seen as one of the greatest Call of Duty games of all time. If there was a gaming hall of fame. Modern Warfare 2 would definitely have a place. With the 10-year anniversary coming up in 2019, Fans are putting more hope out there, and becoming surer than ever that it's coming. It’s highly likely that fans of the beloved title will get the wish that they’ve been asking for. After all, it would be great to play this classic on current-generation consoles.

16 Likely: Ported To The Switch?

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It’s been rumored that the new title might come to the Nintendo Switch. Only two Call of Duty titles have been ported to a Nintendo device in the past, and that was the original Black Ops back in 2010 released on the Nintendo DS. Call of Duty: Ghosts released on the Wii U, back in 2013. No other Call of Duty title has made it to a Nintendo system. If the new title is brought to the Nintendo Switch, this will be a huge game changer, not only the series, but for future titles from other studios. If it's a success, it could encourage other companies to consider porting their games to the Switch, as they would for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

15 Too Crazy: PlayStation 5 Version


PlayStation 4 has been out for 5 years. So rumors are going around that the latest Call of Duty might just end up on the PlayStation 5. Since, there hasn’t been much word on the PlayStation 5 its hard to say that the latest Call of Duty would end on there, but if we know the pattern of Sony, there is a high possibility that once the PlayStation 5 is released there will be a port for the latest Call of Duty games including past titles. This idea is too crazy for now, but has a possibility of happening later on down the line.

Given the runaway success of the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox One X, it wouldn't be surprising if Sony announced an updated console sooner than later.

It's just too early to tell since Sony has been very hush-hush on what their plans are for the newest PlayStation. We’ll probably hear about that in the next two years, or sooner.

14 Likely: Zombies Is Bigger And Better


One thing the Call of Duty franchise is definitely known for is Zombies. All the past Black Ops titles featured a zombie mode (not to mention their past entry before Black ops, including Call of Duty: World at War). With maps featuring different nationalities based on location, this included Germans, Americans, Russians, and Asians. Considering past events with previous titles, having a zombie mode wouldn’t come as a surprise. Fans expect it as a part of the Call of Duty package. You can’t have Call of Duty without having a few zombie maps. It's proven to be a fan favorite, and we can't wait to see how things have improved this year.

13 Too Crazy: Possible Setting In Vietnam?


Early rumors speculated the setting of the latest Call of Duty installment for months. There were theories speculating the setting could take place during the Vietnam War. This has been done in the past when Call of Duty WWII was in production last year.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case, and Call of Duty WWII took place in Normandy on D-Day, of course, these rumors were made before anyone knew the title of the recent installment. In the past, Activision usually likes to keep a lid on the setting until around April. So, it looks like we’ve got one more month to go, before anything is officially confirmed for the setting.

12 Likely: E3 — The Real Console Wars


E3 the Electronic Entertainment Expo is one of the biggest conventions for gamers, and companies to come together, getting release dates, demos, and gameplay of upcoming titles. It’s been confirmed that Activision will be attending along with some other big name companies. No word of what will be revealed at E3 this year, from Activision, but gamers speculate and hope for an official release date, demo, and some gameplay to hold them over until the official game is released.

The biggest question is: will it appear on the PlayStation stage or Xbox.

With E3 you never know what might happen or what they might surprise gamers with. E3 is definitely the place to either go big or go home.

11 Too Crazy: Futuristic Setting 2065


Call of Duty has taken us to some great locations in the past. From the United Kingdom, Soviet Union, Russia, Nazi Germany, and the United States. When Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was released in November 2014, the futuristic setting deterred a lot of fans. Advanced Warfare delivered a Halo, Destiny, Cyberpunk feel. This wasn’t well received. The rumor that’s been circulating is that the latest installment will feature a Futuristic setting, but the question is how far into the future? Some speculate as far into as 2065. Seeing how the previous Call of Duty titles were received when they took this leap, fans might not be as accepting if this is done a second time. On the other hand, fans were mixed on the return to WWII, so we'll have to see how they decide to handle the new local.

10 Likely: Fewer Futuristic Sci-Fi Settings


After the backlash from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Activision has taken notes, and allegedly there will be fewer futuristic settings in the new Call of Duty. Fans don’t mind having a few futuristic features, but considering the type of game Call of Duty is, fans don’t want another game that reminds them of Halo, and Destiny. Both are great games, but they just don’t fit the Call of Duty franchise, of course, there were some fans liked the idea, but overall, it just didn’t sit well. Hopefully, Activision has learned their lesson after Advanced Warfare in 2014, we can that won’t happen again. After all, Treyarch helmed last years game, and the heads of the team have been promoted, who's to say what's next.

9 Too Crazy: Battle Royale Mode


If you’ve been playing the popular game Fortnite, then you have an idea of what Battle Royale consists of. Could the new Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII consists of this? No one knows exactly. The idea of this coming to the Call of Duty franchise is split. On Reddit, there has been some talk of this, where half of the fans were excited about this new feature, while the other half were on the fence.

Saying that this could potentially ruin the Call of Duty franchise.

In fact, this might just do the complete opposite, and bring the franchise to greater heights putting their spin on new territory that hasn’t been touched yet. If this feature doesn’t end up on Black Ops IIII. It just might end up in future Call of Duty Titles.

8 Likely: Did James Harden Purposely Leak The Black Ops IIII Logo?


NBA Superstar James Harden was spotted on March 6, 2018 wearing a hat that looked a lot like a Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII logo. After much speculation, fans have put the pieces together, and it seemed relatively convinced this was the case.

It was revealed two days later on March 8, 2018, that that was indeed Black Ops IIII.

Now did James Harden purposely reveal that knowing if he was seen photographed wearing Black Ops merchandise fans would speculate, and most likely guess that the next Call of Duty game? No one will ever really know for sure, but if he did reveal it, fans aren’t too mad at him. In fact, people got very excited seeing the piece of merchandise, and the hype went through the roof.

7 Too Crazy: Call Of Duty VR Support


VR is something the gaming industry has been constantly experimenting with, wanting to take gaming to the next level. In 2016, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare The Jackal Assault was free to play on PlayStation VR. It wasn’t just free for players who had already purchased Advanced Warfare, but it was free to all PlayStation users. Giving everyone who owned a VR system the chance to have that experience, but fans wondered would that open the doors for newer Call of Duty titles to be bought to VR? There hasn’t been much talk about it right now, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. VR is still being experimented with throughout many gaming companies. Who knows what the future might bring gamers.

6 Likely: Possible Merchandise Pricing


A GameStop employee leaked the merchandise list from the retailer this month. This lined up when Marcus Sellars announcement on Twitter that Black Ops IIII will be the name of the newest Call of Duty, before it was officially confirmed. The merchandise list consisted of T-Shirts being priced at $19.99, and Lanyards being priced at $6.99. As the release date approaches there might be more merchandise, but we won’t know that until later this year. I’m sure fans, and gamers are hoping for the hat that James Harden was seen sporting earlier this week on March 6, 2018. It's no surprise that game will try to sell anything and everything it can around the release.

5 Likely: Is Activision Scared Of Rockstar?

Call of Duty has a pattern when it comes to release dates. The dates have always been toward the end or beginning of November. This has been a pattern for the franchise since the beginning, and fans expect this without delay. For the past several years a new Call of Duty has been released in early November. So, there might be a small snag in their plans, considering the long-anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2 being released later this year in October. Taking into account their stellar sales from last year, this most likely won’t interfere with things, but you never know until the game is released. Activision is a smart company, and there's no doubt they'll always look at market trends to maximize profits.

4 Likely: Black Ops IIII Monster Hit


Black Ops IIII has the high potential of becoming a monster seller. After Call of Duty: World War II brought it over $1billion in revenue last year. It's possible for Black Ops IIII to do the exact same. Rumors of the new features have been getting fans completely hyped up. This includes 4-player split screen offline mode, Less futuristic settings, and a Battle Royale mode that will be new to the franchise. This option would give players more things to do, keeping them busy until the releases of any DLC. Zombies is something that is always expected, but having fun new maps would definitely get more players to buy, and play this title. If Black Ops IIII is ported to the Nintendo Switch, then its a wrap, and Black Ops would completely kill the game.

3 Too Crazy: Multiple Platform Release That Includes The Switch?


Activision always releases on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox, with the exception of the Nintendo 3DS, and the Nintendo Wii U. But the major question is will it be available on the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has come a long way, and gives their fans great systems with great games. Marcus Sellars a well-known video game journalist claims that Black Ops IIII will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, but unfortunately, Activision hasn’t confirmed nor denied this. If Black Ops IIII does get ported to the Switch does this mean that past Call of Duty titles will also be ported to the Switch? It's been awhile, and Nintendo fans totally deserve it. There's also Mac And Mobile to consider — where there is a massive user-base.

2 Likely: Modern Day Setting


All that is known so far is that Black Ops IIII will have a modern-day setting. Now a Modern day setting could be 10-years in the future or 15. Nothing is known for sure, but speculation from the recent teaser trailer suggests that it won’t be too far in the future. Another rumor that is true, is that Black Ops IIII will be more of a “Boots on the ground” type of Call of Duty. After learning that this title will have less futuristic sci-fi features which, is what most fans want. A Call of Duty returning to its roots, and what it’s known for which is “boots on the ground combat”. More will be revealed on May 17, 2018, at the reveal event.

1 Likely: Beta To Be Released Early This Year


Word on the street is that the official release date of Black Ops IIII is October 17, 2018. In the past, with Call of Duty WWII, the beta was released at the end of September. With Black Ops IIII coming out a month earlier than usual, it's speculated that a Black Ops IIII beta could come out toward the end of the summer. Giving players a chance to see what the game looks like before it goes back into production for final alterations. Fans love Betas, and this time around would be no different. With all of the rumors, and some confirmations of those rumors being true, there is no doubt that Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII is a highly anticipated game.

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