The 10 Greatest Call Of Duty Maps In History, Ranked

There probably isn't a video game around that gets as much scrutiny for its online and multiplayer modes as Call of Duty does, with each release looking to improve on the previous, the maps that are created are picked over with a fine-tooth comb.

People will always disagree on what is the best and worst map in CoD history, with some fans preferring the maps to be as open as possible to allow for all-out warfare, whilst others prefer having tons of spots to hide in, making things a little more challenging.

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Over the years, Call of Duty has had a wide range of maps, some being universally loved or hated, but all having been played on countless times. Within this article, we shall rank the definitive 10 greatest maps in CoD history.

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10 Rust (Modern Warfare 2)

Rust is a perfect example of a map that allows for an incredibly fast-paced game with tons of action as there are very few places to hide which is mainly due to the fact that the map is one of the smallest to have been created.

The map is multi-layered in terms of levels, meaning there can be battles taking place all over the place, with people often scaling high to pick out targets down below, making this a difficult map to build any real momentum.

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With the added visibility issues coming from the sane that goes around the map, this is a map that will keep you on edge from start to finish, providing a fantastic thrill throughout.

9 Bog (Modern Warfare)

Bog was a brilliant map because it felt very different to everything else that the game had produced, with the dark atmosphere providing a totally different feel to anything any other map had done.

With fires starting up in different areas, it really helped create a true, war-torn environment, which is what the maps really should be, providing a real tense atmosphere throughout.

As well as that, you had the ability to use night vision goggles on this map, which really made things fun, providing a totally different experience to any other map.

8 Nuketown (Black Ops)

Nuketown is a map that many people might feel doesn't belong on a list like this (hence it's lower ranking), but those that do love it, really love it, with Nuketown being a firm favorite amongst many gamers.

There was just something about this map that had a great feel to it, with the map feeling very unique in comparison to others, possibly because of the homely scenario that has been presented.

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Several maps were built based on this one, proving that the designers of the game new it was a hit, and with plenty of different places to hide, this was always an entertaining map for picking people off by surprise.

7 Overgrown (Modern Warfare)

Large maps are often very unpopular amongst gamers as people end up spending the majority of the time running around empty space looking for other players, but Overgrown is an example of how larger maps can still be a lot of fun.

They have to be done correctly when they are bigger in size, and Overgrown was certainly done well, with lots of space the fact that there are so many places to hide means this is a sniper's paradise if you are that type of player.

The map is an incredibly detailed one as well, with lots of buildings all in different states of disrepair, this is a map that never gets old, with every game tending to be very different on Overgrown.

6 Estate (Modern Warfare 2)

Estate was another firm favorite amongst gamers, with the map having tons of space, within the grounds and then the actual Estate itself, which was always chaos if you could manage to get inside.

That was all part of the fun, with gamers struggling to get up the hill towards the Estate itself, often being picked off by anybody who happened to be at the front porch or hiding just inside the house.

There was just tons going on in Estate, either up at the house or if people decided to spend their time further down the map, it was large, but it wasn't too big.

5 Brecourt (Call Of Duty)

One of the original maps in Call of Duty history, Brecourt was actually based off an actual military engagement, with this being one a map with very little cover, making it a very tense one that forced gamers to be focused at all times.

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With various bombed-out buildings lying around the map, gamers would get to head in and hope that they weren't spotted and picked off as they worked their way around, looking for enemies.

There was also bunkers running beneath the hedge line on this map which essentially split it into two, making this a very dangerous place to be, but if you were up for a thrill then it was certainly going to provide it.

4 Castle (World At War)

Every CoD map is designed with a distinct style of gameplay in mind, and for Castle, it was very much the idea to have close-quarters combat, forcing everyone to be fully-focused throughout the entire game.

With open courtyards and only limited sniping opportunities, the game moved quickly from one area to the next, with an incredibly fast-paced tempo always taking place due to the nature of the map.

While some prefer to wait things out and play the long game by camping out in one spot, others love the adrenaline that comes with rapid-fire kills and quick gameplay, which Castle always guaranteed.

3 Crash (Modern Warfare)

Crash is a firm favorite of any Call of Duty fan who has been playing for a long time, with the map having everything a gamer could want, from carnage everywhere you look to great places to sneak around.

There is an easy ability to rack up kills on this map, meaning you can really start to build some momentum and has a great size about it, not being too small so that everyone is on top of each other, and not being too big that you spend the game chasing shadows.

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With a great mixture of buildings and open space, there are plenty of different game plans you can have going into this map, which means that people constantly have to be on their absolute A-game in order to survive.

2 Terminal (Modern Warfare 2)

Terminal was an incredibly controversial map (and the scene in the solo campaign), with many people feeling that it encouraged terrorism leading to the scene in the solo mode being skippable.

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Despite some complaints, the map itself was an incredibly popular one, with gamers loving being able to play on a map that felt incredibly familiar to real life, whether it be out on the runways with the planes or inside the Terminal building itself.

The map is one that people still talk about today, making it one of the most iconic in Call of Duty history. With the map having a good blend of places to camp and hide, and plenty of open moments, it was one that really pleased most gamers.

1 Favela (Modern Warfare 2)

Favela was an unbelievably good map, that was so good that it got a re-release on CoD Ghosts due to its popularity. The map was based on the slums of Rio de Janeiro and offered everything you could hope for in one map.

The gameplay focused on multi-tiered buildings, which made the map very fun for exploring as new spots could be found every single time, with the ability to hide and snipe out your enemies.

However, the map could be very open at times as well and close combat was needed due to the tight streets. It was one of the first maps to really master multi-level gameplay and that was something that designers continued to piggyback from ever since.

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